It’s no surprise that more and more gamers are looking to set up a hosted Minecraft server online so they can play together and share strategies with more people. That’s why Server Minecraft providers become more and more diverse. In this article, we will learn about VA Hosting review and the benefits it brings to users!

VA Hosting review

  • 100% Uptime Guarantee
  • Automatic upgrade and downgrade system
  • Multiple payment plan options


If you need a reliable web host for your Minecraft server, VA Hosting is a great choice. Specializing in game servers, VA Hosting offers complete DDoS protection and promises 100% network availability.

It sounds too good to be true, but the company provides detailed information to support such claims. Utilize ShockByte high core CPU, NVMe disk space, and DDR4 RAM for increasing speed, performance, and efficiency.

If there is an outage lasting more than five minutes, you can contact the 24/7 support team to make a claim.

Besides, VA Hosting provides complete freedom for users to build their Minecraft world. It supports all major server versions from Java and Bedrock versions and provides a one-click mod pack installer.

To upload your own custom Minecraft server mods, you can take advantage of its full FTP access.


Instant setup.

Multicraft console.

Register subdomain.

Automatic backups are off-site.

Unlimited disk space.

General knowledge base and video tutorials.

Free trial with Enjin and Buycraft for Minecraft server monetization.



A refund policy is only applicable 24 hours after payment.


If you are looking for a cheap and reliable Minecraft server, consider choosing VA Hosting.

Its most affordable package costs $2.50/month and gives you 1 GB of RAM, more than enough to host 20 player slots. You can also create a custom plan for your needs.

Plus, VA Hosting makes it easy to upgrade your hosting plan without losing any files.


If customers upgrade to a more expensive option, they will only have to pay the difference in price. On the other hand, downgrading will get you a refund.

For keeping more return customers, VA Hosting offers many discount programs including: VA Hosting Coupon and Promo Codes,  free trial to help you save money,… Anyone who uses the coupon code wants to save more money, so apply VA Hosting coupon code when checking out to buy at a lower price.

Here are many discount programs you may find interested in my VA Hosting review 



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