If you have children who struggle to learn the times tables, you might find Times Tales a godsend. Times Tales has hundreds of overwhelmingly positive reviews all over the internet. Parents and teachers agree that it works! So what’s so special about it? Follow my Times Tales Review below.

Times Tales Review – Why choose Times Tales?

Times Tales is an award-winning, innovative program that makes memorizing the multiplication facts FAST, EASY & FUN!  The Times Tales program…

– Uses visual, simple stories to provide students with a “memory peg” to allow quick and effortless recall of multiplication facts.

– Works for ALL learners and is especially effective for kids with learning disabilities.

– Uses a fun, interactive approach to keep kids engaged and excited about learning.

– Provides a right-brain, multi-sensory approach to memorizing the times tables.

– It’s easy! No stress, no tears, no frustration

– It’s fast! Total learning time is only an hour and most kids have the multiplication facts mastered in as little as two weeks!

– Times Tales is available in both a workbook and video (DVD, download or streaming).

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What makes Times Tales different?

Times Tales uses visual mnemonic stories to help your child recall math events. Each number is drawn as a picture that incorporates the number. For example, for 9 × 9, there are two tree houses. One of them can plant 8 apples, but the other can only grow 1. So the answer is 8 and 1 – eighty one.

The stories are simple, only one sentence long and  come with a picture. Interestingly, children first learn the stories without mentioning math facts.

After memorizing the stories, the students will practice with flashcards that have the character pictures instead of the usual numbers. And then you use the normal flashcard.

This book can be extremely useful for kids who don’t seem to memorize numbers facts . It puts all of those numbers in one meaningful context. Then the facts aren’t just some unrelated numbers without any sense, but through the story they can ‘make sense’ – in a sense.

Times Tales Review

Times Tales Review – New way for kids to memorize times tables

Some Times Tales reviews from customers

“This program is wonderful! It has helped our child in a way that we could not help her. It was a horrible cycle of keep trying to memorize, but the fun and interest wasn’t there until we found Times Tales! Our daughter is now excited about multiplication and has her confidence back. No more tears when we do math! We are so thankful for you.” – Jones D.

“Great! It took just a couple of sessions for my struggling ten year old to learn her times tables! She is so exited and proud of herself.” – Emmee L.

“It works! After months of different techniques, this method has really worked for my story-loving 8yo!” – Alison O.

“This product was great. I have homeschooled 10 children. My seventh understands math concepts without a problem, but was really having trouble memorizing the times tables and it was holding her back and slowing her down. She used Times Tales and within two weeks had memorized everything! Amazing!” – Mary L.

If you’re not sure if Times Tales will work for your child, you can try their FREE sample download and see it work for yourself. Or you can use the coupon codes below to save more.

The show is sold as a book or on DVD. Please see more information at www.TimesTales.com.

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