The Joint; a timeless and essential prop for cannabis. It’s hard to think of smoking weed without a joint coming to mind instantly. 

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For most people, the joint, also known as a doob or a doobie, was their introduction to cannabis. Who can forget the first time someone handed you a loosely rolled one that hits poorly but changed our lives regardless. It’s a memory that’s burned into our mind and fingertips as well.

Even though a doobie, spliffs, or jazz cigarettes are widely used, how to smoke a joint is an art. And to be fair, not everyone knows how-to, or for whatever reason, it didn’t work out the first couple times they tried. There’s no shame in learning later or refining your method to become a professional smoker. 

We’ll be going through all the ins and outs of how to smoke a joint, how to roll one, and finishing it up with some cannabis etiquette. 

But, before we get into the meat and potatoes, let’s take a quick peek at the history of the doob and what it is exactly. It’s best to build a house on a solid foundation before finishing the roof.

What is a Joint? How did it Originate?

How to Smoke a Joint

The origin of the doob more than likely goes back thousands of years, but the first recorded use of one was in Mexico. A joint is ground cannabis rolled into the shape of a cigarette. The first recording of a joint wasn’t of marijuana by itself, but a cigarette infused with it.

A pharmacist at the University of Guadalajara in 1856 noted people were mixing cigarettes with cannabis for recreational purposes. Until then, marijuana had a strong connection to pipes and makeshift bongs. 

The word “joint” itself didn’t come to fruition until the ’20s and ’30s when the Jazz movement of New Orleans blossomed. From there, it spread across the United States, and eventually the rest of the world.

With that in mind, every doobie rolled is the continuation of a long-standing tradition.

Speaking of a rolled joint, here’s a rundown on how to roll a doobie.

How to Roll a Joint

How to Smoke a Joint
How to Smoke a Joint

Rolling a joint is an essential skill when learning how to smoke weed. An improperly rolled one won’t burn properly, waste your precious stash and be a cause of embarrassment in front of friends. On the other hand, rolling a spectacular joint is a surefire way to impress.

To start your rolling journey, you first need to source high-quality cannabis, rolling papers, a grinder and a filter. Our experience has always been great when we buy weed online.We suggest Herb Approach’s flash sale section. They rotate their deals regularly, featuring something for everyone at bargain prices.

Now that you’ve got your green, it’s time to get to rolling.

Step 1) Grind Cannabis

Using a grinder or scissors, grind the cannabis until it’s fluffy—no need to turn it to dust. A good grinder will do the work for you. Indica, sativa or a hybrid – the choice is up to you! Just ensure that it’s coarse enough to handle. 

Step 2) Add a Filter

Using a filter has many benefits. One being it supports the shape of the joint better than not using one. And it also keeps weed from falling in your mouth.

Some people like to add the filter after, but rolling the filter in makes for a flush fit. Put it and the end of the joint.

Step 3) Distribute the Cannabis

How to Smoke a Joint

Take your freshly ground weed and place it in the paper. You want to distribute it evenly, so the joint takes a good shape. If it’s uneven, you run the risk of rolling it “pregnant.”

Another tip is to add a bit more in the end furthest from the filter and tapering down, also known as rolling a cone. Many prefer this method as it makes for a beautiful burn.

Step 4) Pack the Flower

Using your fingers or the rolling paper pack, gently push down the cannabis. You don’t want to smush it, but lightly pack it, so rolling is more effortless. It’s better to carefully packed than compact.

Step 5) Roll it Up

Now for the fun part. You want to hold the joint in your index finger and thumb. Gently shape the cannabis by rolling it back and forth a couple of times. Once you have the desired shape, roll the paper into itself and up, stopping right before the sticky gum. 

Step 6) Lick the Gum and Finish the Roll

Now that the joint’s rolled lick the gum and finish her off. You may need to use your fingers a bit. 

If it didn’t come out as desired, don’t be afraid to start over again. It’s better to roll a nice joint that let your ego get in the way. There’s no harm in failing and trying still, you’ll only get better in the long-run.

There you have it. Doesn’t it look amazing? 

Now there’s only one more step.

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How to Smoke a Joint

Smoking a joint is easy, but these tips will help you do it properly. There’s no need to unnecessarily waste a perfectly good batch of weed.

The first step is to take the filtered side or smoking end, and put it in your mouth. You don’t need to put the whole thing in there, just a bit to inhale. 

Taking your lighter to the other end, give it a quick light and puff on it lightly. There’s no need to use the entire power of your lungs; just a couple of light puffs will get the doob going.

Now that it’s lit, this is where most people start falling off course. You may have heard that holding the joint in longer will get you higher. In bro-science, it makes sense. But in biology and biochemistry, it’s nothing more than a myth. THC absorbs into our bloodstreams in less than a second. Holding the smoke in any longer only damages our lungs and puts us in a coughing fit. 

Take a little inhale, hold it in for a second, and exhale – repeat.

Take a look at the burn periodically to make sure it’s burning evenly. Sometimes you might find one side burning faster than the other, which is referred to as canoeing. Simply add a little flame to the uneven side and even out of the burn.

Make sure you’re giving a good exhale, you don’t want the joint smoke going into your eye. It’ll sting!

There you have it, welcome to the brotherhood of master roller. Before you embark on your journey, let’s take a quick moment to examine some etiquette.

Herb Approach

Cannabis Etiquette 101

A bit of manners goes a long way. Keep these laws in mind when smoking as not to ruin the vibe and have people give you that look.

1) Left is Law.

When passing it off, always do so to the left. Left is Law

2) Puff Puff Pass

Everyone gets two pulls, or puffs, and the hands it off. It’s a sharable, not a personal.

3) The doob is not a Microphone

During good times, it’s easy to get carried away in a good story. Just make sure if you do, don’t be hogging the joint. 

4) Don’t Slobber 

Getting the doobie drenched in saliva is a big no-no. The joint only need to touch your lips lightly, there’s no need to give it a french kiss.

5) Don’t Hit it to Finish in 1 Pull

Take little hits and pass it on. If you feel the need to absorb the entire Joint in 2 drags, maybe you’re better off smoking your own.

Keep these in mind when in session and things are guaranteed to flow smoothly.

How to Smoke a Joint Recap

Smoking a joint is a timeless exercise and a fantastic way to share good times with better friends. Here’s a quick recap to send you off.

  1. Source High-Quality Cannabis. Wicked weed leads to Bad joints. Order top-shelf buds from Herb approach and relieve yourself of the stress.
  2. Inhale Lightly. 1 second in the lungs is all you need
  3. Don’t Cover the spliff in saliva.
  4. Pass to the Left
  5. Don’t use it as a microphone; others want to smoke too.
  6. Have Fun


We hope you enjoyed learning how to smoke a joint as much as we did teaching. If you’re not willing to roll your own joints, you can always buy weed online at an online dispensary Canada

Until then, happy smoking! 

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