Today, online is a necessity but how to travel and not to lose your savings? We know that roaming prices are not yet so low so you can afford it anywhere. So we have found a great solution for you. It’s a sim card from Surfroam. Follow my Surfroam Sim review to learn more.

Surfroam Sim Review – What is Surfroam?

Surfroam is a prepaid global internet roaming service for frequent travelers to keep them connected anywhere, anytime. Their service is economical, easy to use, with no contracts and no hidden fees.

Surfroam SIM is compatible with all SIM-enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets, Mifi, cameras and M2M apps.

With SIM Surfroam, you can surf abroad, whenever and wherever you go.

Surfroam Sim Review

Surfroam SIM – Internet Access for Travellers in 200+ Countries

How does the international sim card work?

Surfroam offers you a worldwide data plan. You can only access the Internet, you cannot make any phone calls. That is no problem as I can still use Whatsapp or Skype with the phone to make calls.

It costs € 15 (plus shipping), but it comes with €15 of credit included. So, basically, the sim card itself is free. The sim card works on most phones. You can divide it into different sizes and it can be used as a mini, micro or nano sim card.

The sim card works on most phones. You can divide it into different sizes and it can be used as a mini, micro or nano sim card. If you have a phone that doesn’t have a second card slot but has eSim functionality, you can add that.

With a regular account, they choose the network provider for you. If you have a pro plan, you are free to choose which provider you want to use, but they charge you different prices. I use the regular version, but I can see how beneficial the pro plan can be. If you travel to remote areas, you are free to choose the best performing connection.

Great Offer


The rates themselves are fair and Surfroam works in 200 countries!

Their rates are starting at 0.01€ per MB, for example:

  • Most of Europe: 0,01€ per MB
  • Brazil 0,04€ per MB
  • USA: 0,02€ per MB

There is no plan that limits you to a certain amount of data in a country. You only need to pay as you go. In theory, you can use a few MB in Asia, a few MB in Africa, and a few MB in the US.

Surfroam Sim Review

With SIM Surfroam, you can surf abroad, whenever and wherever you go.

How long can you use it? Are there any recurring charges?

No, there are no recurring charges.

The only important thing to know is that the credit (and your sim card) is only valid for 1 year after charging. If you refill it, set the clock back, and it’s valid for another year.

You can also keep the old credits, which I think is very fair. If I still have a €5 credit left, but the year is over and I charge it with the minimum charge of €15, then I will have a €20 credit.

Recharge the card is very simple. You can do it directly on Surfroam’s website. You just add the phone number you want to add credit, select the payment option, and a few minutes later, the credit is available.

Surfroam Sim Review – Final Thought

I like this Surfroam prepaid Internet Sim card that gives me the freedom to access the Internet wherever I go. In my opinion, it’s a great global data card for any traveler with regular access to Wi-Fi but wants something easy and reliable on the go.

It’s also a great gift idea for other family members and friends who love to travel abroad. You can buy Surfroam Sim from website:

Thank you for taking the time to read this Surfroam Sim review. I hope it will help you to make the right decision for your personal circumstances.

Great Offer

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