StreetSaw is an online retailer of self-balancing electric scooters. They now sell over 50 varieties of hoverboards, and carries customized hoverboard accessories as well. Not only do they sell them, they repair them. No matter what city you’re in, there’s plenty of sights to see — so you better hop on some wheels! Besides, you can read our StreetSaw review at Hotreview4u to get more information about their products.

Which is the best Hoverboard at StreetSaw?

The RockSaw is StreetSaw‘s newest model. It is the best off-road Hoverboard. It is strictly an all-terrain vehicle, specifically designed for off-road adventures, thanks to its dual 400-watt motors.

The RockSaw has been specifically designed to not have air tubes in the tires. This makes for a stronger ability to maneuver over even the most stubborn of obstacles, such as barbed wire and glass shards. Its top speed is 10.5mph (~16 km/h), which is one of their fastest boards.

Whether you’re gliding down a dirt road, cruising near the water on a beach, or plowing through the fresh snow outside, the RockSaw will give you an all-terrain experience unlike any other off-road hoverboard. The price for this wonderful Hoverboard is $499.99.

StreetSaw review
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What does StabilitySaw Hoverboard work?

The StabilitySaw is their most stable board. Thanks to the Hoverboard’s 10” wheels, this unique hoverboard can drift over large obstacles, such as rocks and road divots as if they were mere pebbles in the road. Street Saw’s other boards have 6.5” tires, meaning they’re meant for flat-surfaces only.

The StabilitySaw features two sets of energy efficient dual front-facing lights. Moreover, they are utilized the latest in LED diode technology and cast up to 6.5 feet of light in each direction.

The inflatable tires give added shock protection for heavier riders as well. Just only $299, you’ll have a chance to own this amazing Hoverboard.

What is highlight on AlienSaw Hoverboard?

In stark contrast to other models, the AlienSaw’s weight capacity (280 lbs.). It is ideal for people who want to get the joys of riding Hoverboards without worrying about their weight.

Besides, it is the best Bluetooth Hoverboard at StreetSaw. The AlienSaw hoverboard instantly and invisibly connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Therefore, you can play your favorite music directly to your lookalike Lamborghini hoverboard.

Additionally, the AlienSaw’s LED lights flash at night – making you even more visible to oncoming traffic in the dead of night.


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