InfiniteWP is a multiple website management solution. It crossed a lot of barriers to become an efficient updates system which is really reliable.

Manage Multiple Websites

This backup solution can consume less server bandwidth while offering flexibility without compromising on its cost or reliability. You should choose InfiniteWP because it remains the premier multiple management solution. Moreover, it is combined with WPTC through an add-on where you will be able to manage your backups.

Manage multiple websites with InfiniteWP
Manage multiple websites with InfiniteWP

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Top InfiniteWP Product

IWP V3.0 Series – Backups

Single-call and Multi-call methods are 2 ways to take backups. When you choose the single call backup method, you will see the entire backup process taking place in a single call. You just have to upload the files you are about to backup to a cloud repository.

InfiniteWP multi-call backup
InfiniteWP multi-call backup

Second, the multi-call backup method is a slower-but-steadier method in which the backup process happens across multiple calls. This method can solve memory and timeout-related issues because each call last for just 30 sec and consumed very less memory.

There’re 5 main plans including the starter plan, developer plan, freelancer plan, agency plan and enterprise plan. Especially, the store provides a free plan that helps you setup and manage your first site in less than 2 minutes.

Return Policy

In order to ensure customers’ satisfaction with their license purchases, the company has offered a 14-day refund window. After deciding that their products can’t meet your requirements, you can request a full refund. First of all, you need to specify the order number of the purchase you want refunded.

However, the store hopes that you give them an opportunity to fix your damaged products. The company will try their best to resolve your issue. If they are not able to resolve it for you, they will process your refund.

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