People who want to learn more about their health, ancestry, or both can now use DNA testing. Sequencing is the world’s largest marketplace for DNA apps for ancestry, traits, health, and a variety of other purposes. Check out our Sequencing review for more information!

What is is both a DNA testing company and a platform for DNA-related applications. The company’s DNA app marketplace has both paid and free apps, similar to smartphone app stores. In addition, it offers a wide range of services, from ancestry research to health reports and nutrition advice.

The platform at is built with an open Application Programming Interface (API), open-source code, and open data. It also has the largest DNA App Store in the world. converts genetic code into software code that app developers can use without any prior knowledge of genetics.


Sequencing review


DNA Tests

The Ultimate DNA Test ($69) and Whole Genome Sequencing, WGS ($399) are the two services offered by The ultimate genome sequencing kit is a DNA testing kit that generates ancestry genealogy reports using DNA testing. Raw DNA data files are available for download.

Besides, the results of the tests will be available in 4 to 8 weeks (DNA testing) (DNA sequencing). All of the results are generated in a lab that is CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited. Both tests generate data for 30 million DNA variants.


Sequencing review


DNA App Marketplace offers a variety of subscription plans that allow users to access a variety of apps without having to purchase them individually. The store’s apps require one of the four membership levels: free, silver, gold, or platinum.

  • The free membership includes secure storage of your DNA data as well as access to the ‘Free’ category of DNA analysis apps.
  • Silver membership ($9.99/month) includes two free apps per month as well as more extensive data storage.
  • In addition, the Gold membership ($29.99/month) includes two additional free apps per month. It also allows users to receive Real-Time Health Updates via SMS or email.
  • The Platinum Membership ($49.99/month) gives all of the other benefits, as well as 2 more free apps per month.

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