Do you want to find reading glasses with a combination of affordable high-quality frames? Let’s choose Reading Glasses Etc. Reading Glasses Etc offers consumers affordable alternatives to cheap reading glasses. Read Reading Glasses Etc review to find more information.

What is Reading Glasses Etc?

Established in 2010, Reading Glasses Etc offers reading glasses with optical quality lenses. Their lens add-ons address issues like CVS and blue light problems with computers and tablets.

They also offer you the ability to customize your reading glasses. That way you get the frame style and size you want, the reading lens type you want, and can add a lens option like a tint or AR coating if you want. While the word customize elicits the notion that these glasses must be very pricey, they are, in fact, very affordable.

Custom reading glasses

Prescription quality frames in a huge range of styles and sizes.

Prescription quality aspheric (thin) single vision polycarbonate lenses with scratch resistance and UV400 coating.

Choices: Powers from zero to +4.00 in either eye.

Choices: Blue block AR coatings, Blue block tints, and cosmetic tints.

Custom rimless reading glasses. Lightweight and you get them made just the way you want.

Prescription reading glasses for usually only $10.00 more.

Reading Glasses Etc review

What does AR mean?

AR is short for Anti-Reflective Coating. Lenses with an AR coating reflect off glare. Lenses with AR are clearer to see through and look nicer as well.

Anti-reflective coatings pull more light through to your eyes. It helps you read on computer screens as well as driving at night with distance vision glasses.

Mojo BluBlock AR and APEX BluBlock AR-T Coatings reflect off bad blue light allowing beneficial blue light through. It is especially helpful for office, computer, and nighttime tablet use.

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