This NewsgroupDirect review is for someone who has interest in finding a reliable provider of usenet services.

What is a Usenet?

Usenet – “Unix User Network” is a system that provides global information in the form of discussion groups / newsgroups (Newsgroup) on all areas of life. Simply, Usenet is a network of servers that spread messages or posts in newsgroups.

Anyone can participate in these discussion forums. Forum members will often use a special reading program, Newsreader.

Usenet’s function

  • Implement flexible two-way information sharing with guaranteed feedback and exchange of information exactly as originally shared. This is also the way Usenet draws from the newspaper industry.
  • Attract a large number of participants.
  • The speed of information transmission is extremely fast.

NewsgroupDirect overview

NewsgroupDirect is proud to provide the best usenet service with money-back guarantee. You will not have to wait long when downloading data. Moreover, you can feel confident that you can find anything you need on NewsgroupDirect Usenet. They always update the services and offer promotion program for beloved customers.

NewsgroupDirect review

Five reasons why you should choose NewsgroupDirect

Firstly, Several ISP’s give their own news server free access. Though, you get exactly what you’re paying for. Sometimes, ISP usenet is very sluggish, has usage caps downloaded and hardly has any retention whatsoever. If you’re used to using the usenet from your ISP then it’s time you tried our premium usenet newsgroups service!

Secondly, NewsgroupDirect always put the reliability on the first. Should the servers run down, customers have no excuse to stay with. That is why you are constantly being updated equipment and services to get the best possible experience.

Thirdly, the world-class newsgroup retention is growing each day. The more retention you get, the more messages you have access to. However, it means that you don’t have to check each day to see whether articles have been posted that interest you or not. Moreover, you will be more confident and know that you can come back a later time and find everything that you missed in your favorite newsgroups.

You will not have to wait long when downloading data with NewsgroupDirect usenet. Many Usenet providers allow you to connect to their servers at the same speed as your Internet connection. That means: with a 10 Mbps Internet connection, you can download a 700mb file in less than 10 minutes. It was great not having to wait too long at NewsgroupDirect !

Finally, NewsgroupDirect Support is setting the industry standard. The smart and courteous 24×7 supportive staff will help you get going and solve any problems that you have in a timely manner.

Pricing and promotion

For Monthly Usenet Plans, the price is starting at $7.95. More details are in the table below.

Plan Price What you get?
Unlimited Monthly  $7.95 Unlimited

100 Connections

SSL Encryption

Ghost Path VPN Access


Unlimited 6 Months $40

You saved $7.7


100 Connections

SSL Encryption

Ghost Path VPN Access

Unlimited Yearly $75

You saved $20


100 Connections

SSL Encryption

Ghost Path VPN Access

For Usenet Blocks, the price starting from $9 for 50 Gigabytes of Data You Need
What you get is still the same. However, the more months you purchase, the more money you save. Our suggest is to use the second plan of Unlimited 6 Months. Because the service may be updated in the certain time, you should buy a plan that is long enough.

To save more, use NewsgroupDirect coupon or NewsgroupDirect discount to get a better price. To find NewsgroupDirect coupon and deal quickly, join the page: Terabyte Tuesday mailing list. From NewsgroupDirect review at hotreview4u, you can always update the latest promotion.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to find coupons/discounts by leaving a comment in this NewsgroupDirect review


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