Meditation requires the relaxation of both your mind and your body. When you feel comfortable with your posture, your ability to maintain inward focus is better. So, you can read this Meditation Bench vs Pillow review to find the right product for yourself.

Meditation Bench Review

A meditation bench is an effective supported tool for meditators who like the kneeling posture. In other words, if you’re not used to the cross-legged posture, you should choose this product.

Meditation Bench Review - Meditation Bench vs Pillow
Meditation Bench Review – Meditation Bench vs Pillow

These are some benefits of a meditation bench that I have learned from my own experience.

  • It keeps you in the correct position by adjusting your spine.
  • A meditation bench soaks up the weight of your upper body.
  • This product will protect your ankles.
  • It helps to reduce pressure on your knees and joints
  • The height of the seat is suitable for less flexible meditators of average or even below average height. However, taller people can always use some bench cushions to get the perfect height.
  • Some kinds of meditation benches have folding legs. Moreover, there are some kinds of benches with removable legs. So, you can carry a meditation bench with you to anywhere.

Meditation Pillow Review

A meditation pillow is also called Zafu. This cushion is for sitters with good flexibility. Therefore, if you are sure you can sit in any position, such as the lotus or cross-legged posture, then a meditation pillow will be a good choice.

Meditation Pillow Review - Meditation Bench vs Pillow
Meditation Pillow Review – Meditation Bench vs Pillow

Next, let me show you the advantages that a Zafu can bring to your meditation.

  • A pillow helps you feel more comfortable even when doing cross-legged posture.
  • The pillow also provides excellent support for your body because it lets your circulation flow.
  • Zafu is extremely durable so you’re able to use it for a long time. Besides, some kinds of meditation pillow can be used for life.
  • I have tried 2 of the most popular options. The first one is a wool-filled meditation pillows. And the next one is a meditation pillow filled with buckwheat hulls. Both of them are excellent in maintaining comfort and loft throughout meditation.

Meditation Bench vs Pillow

In conclusion, meditators with limited flexibility and height should choose a meditation bench. On the other hand, a meditation pillow will be more suitable for those who are able to meditate in many different positions.

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