Not only is an athletic sport very good for health, enhancing muscle endurance, SUP also gives us many wonderful experiences with friends. If you are looking for a store to buy SUP board, you are right at our iRocker Australia review.

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iRocker Australia SUP Review

The iRocker Australia inflatable stand-up paddleboard is a great outdoor sports accessory for you to get on the water. With a 3-fins swimmer design and a full range of accessories for a reasonable price, a paddleboard is suitable for those who want to explore the water surface.

iRocker Australia review

Here is the description 

– Board designed for beginners with body 81cm wide, 320cm long – stable, sturdy, and extremely simple to operate.

– The caudal fin improves the 3-fin system with 2 short 2 sides and the long middle fin increases the speed of the paddleboard.

– The top of the board has a buffer zone to increase the stability, be more solid, and more durable.

– Full range of features and accessories including:

leg tie, harness, length adjustable paddles, one-way pump … backpack, very portable, easy to carry in the journey.

– Pumping pressure from 13 – 15 PSI, capable of withstanding load on water up to 108kg

– The paddle body is made of aluminum alloy, length adjustable from 1.6m to 2.15m, suitable for users with a height of 5’7” or less.

– The product is very suitable for use on the water during camping, picnic, outdoor activities, life training.

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Why should we choose iRocker Australia SUP?

SUP is always interesting in any setting or level. SUP is the right choice whether you choose to float lightly on calm lakes or challenge yourself with dangerous waterfalls.  Moreover, SUP is always attractive in any situation or level.

It is the right choice whether you choose to float lightly on calm lakes or challenge yourself with dangerous waterfalls.

The SUP is also typically lighter than a kayak or canoe, and the compact and lightweight inflatable pumps in a backpack make it easy to travel.

iRocker Australia review

In fact, SUP stands out among other water sports because it is a very sociable activity. When playing SUP, it is easy to talk to a paddle buddy beside you, and if you have a baby, the baby can safely sit on top of you.

Not only that, the combination of SUP and other fitness activities increases flexibility, dexterity, or balance, especially like yoga in the early morning. It will be an amazingly relaxing experience.

Thus, with the 7 benefits mentioned above, SUP will bring you all the wonderful experiences of exploration both on the water and in your own mind. Standing on the paddleboard, you will feel closer to nature and see the world in a new way.

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