Today, I’m so excited to tell you a product to treat dry skin, chapped hands and feet. It’s Hard Lotion from MadeOn Skin Care. Follow my MadeOn Skin Care Hard Lotion review to discover more. Let’s get started!

What is MadeOn Hard Lotion?

MadeOn Hard Lotion is just that: a hard lotion bar. It is easier to use and less mess than traditional liquid lotions. MadeOn hard lotion is solid at room temperature and melts on contact with your skin, coating it with a a silky soft, nourishing layer of shea butter, coconut oil and beeswax. That’s it! Just 3 simple, natural ingredients.

Who is it good for?

The hard lotion is for those with cracked skin, split heels, alligator legs or rough elbows, who have been frustrated with the inefficiencies of commercially available lotions.

It’s also for those who are worried about excessive use of steroids to control their skin problems and looking for natural relief. It’s for both men and women who appreciate applying the lotion without leaving an greasy or sticky feeling on the skin.

MadeOn Skin Care Hard Lotion Review

MadeOn Skin Care Hard Lotion Review

As soon as the package arrived, I tried the lotion right away and immediately, I feel the difference between the hard lotion and the cream lotion you find at the store. It will take some getting used to once you figure out your routine, but it’s worth it!

I use it regularly throughout the day, and especially after I wash my hands, as soap and water are the biggest enemies to my dry fingertips.

After about a week of regular use, my skin’s texture has changed drastically. Acctually, I already noticed a difference after 2 days. And for the first time since the development of this skin condition, I feel really a bit of hope for my dry, cracked cracked.

I am so happy with how well it works, I want to post my review right away, after just a week of use! And almost a month later, the stuff is still working.

Buy It

Regardless of who on your gifting list, MadeOn has a product that they can use and enjoy. All of the MadeOn Skin Care products are the perfect size for stuffing stocking but great enough to be a special gift.

MadeOn Hard Lotion Skin Care Products

  • Hard Lotion – A friend for those with dry, chapped hands and feet but a thoughtful gift for anyone.
  • Hair Butter – The perfect solution for dry, fly-away hair or ethnic hair.
  • Lip balm – Color or colorless … anyone with lips will appreciate these luscious blends
  • Rash Cream – A soothing combination for your sweet, little prince or princess.
  • Soap – Homemade goat’s milk soap for cleaning without unnecessary fragrance and coloring.
  • Bug Bar – A product that I can’t wait to test out during the swarmy here in the South.

You can purchase these products and more, by visiting website here: MadeOn Skin Care.

Don’t forget to use the coupon code below to save your purchase.

MadeOn Skin Care Coupon Codes

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