Jade Bloom Review – Are Jade Bloom essential oils really good?

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Jade Bloom Review: I have done a lot of research on many essential oil companies. It is my desire and effort to help you find an essential oils company that’s right for you and today I want to recommend Jade Bloom – a family-owned essential oils company with one retail location in Draper, Utah.

They sell essential oils online from their website, www.jadebloom.com, and ship globally. If you’re wondering whether Jade Bloom oils are high quality and whether or not it’s worth buying from them, please continue reading this Jade Bloom Review.

Jade Bloom Review

Jade Bloom Review

Jade Bloom Review – Are Jade Bloom essential oils really good?

Established in 2014, I consider Jade Bloom a “newer” essential oil brand. Jade Bloom Essential Oils is a company founded by a group of naturalists rooted in the belief that Mother Nature provides everything we need for our health, healing, and happiness.

Jade Bloom’s vision is to deliver Health, Healing, and Happiness to as many people as possible. Thanks to Jade Bloom, their customers can get great health and wellness because it should complement traditional medicine.

In addition, Jade Bloom manufactures and distributes the highest quality and lowest cost all-natural, organic products and 100% pure essential oils.

Company Principles

Jade Bloom honors the following principles in their business:

  • Trust: Every bottle that leaves the Jade Bloom distribution center has been labeled with a batch number that corresponds to both a GC-MS test and a Certificate of Analysis.
  • Usability: Jade Bloom oil bottles feature a superior euro dropper top (the plastic insert),
  • Selection & Size: All oil bottles are labeled with a batch number. Larger-size bottles of 60 mL and 120 mL are offered to better serve users who need a lot of essential oil (think product manufacturers, craft soap makers, or wholesale customers).
  • Convenience: The top cap of each essential oil bottle is already labeled, and the information on the bottle is clearly printed and nicely legible.
  • Price: Jade Bloom offers frequent sales, freebies, and giveaways to help as many people as possible enjoy essential oils. Not to mention, there is a loyalty point program where you can earn every time you shop.

Jade Bloom’s Products

Starter Kits

At Jade Bloom, essential oil kits are called “Combo Packs”. And they seem to be very well curated for an introduction to oils. You can get a nice gift set containing only singles for the beginner, or alternately a starter “blends” kit that includes 6 oils, 1 carrier, 1 roller ball bottle + a recipe to kick things off.

When shopping for a gift, I definitely tend to go back to these Jade Bloom combo packs!

Sensitivity Line

Jade Bloom Review

The Jade Bloom “Sensitivity line” is a line of pre-diluted essential oils, packaged into easy roll-on containers.

You have a choice of 17 roll-on products, made from oils designed for people with sensitive skin, the elderly, and children. The roller balls are super convenient and save the hassle of diluting these blends yourself at home.

Each roll-on includes a 10% Jade Bloom essential oil blend, and 90% either Fractionated Coconut Oil or Grapeseed Oil.

Single Essential Oils

With over 130 single essential oils to choose from, you can definitely build your aromatherapy library with Jade Bloom oils. Their website also has a handy “Under $10” filter that you can use if you’re in the mood for a bargain.

The oils I’ve tested, I’ve definitely enjoyed. They smell as you’d expect them to, without strange scent notes or anything smelling odd or off. Of course, that’s only my own personal account of things, but given the precise details Jade Bloom makes available to us in their FAQ section, I believe their oils are as good as their quality promise says they are.

Essential Oil Blends

At Jade Bloom, you can select from 64 different blends to help with all sorts of ailments – from headaches to stress & anxiety or general lack of sleep.

My personal favorite, not only during cold & flu season but generally throughout the year, is the Protect Blend – a fantastic alternative to the popular Young Living Thieves blend.

Carrier Oils

Jade Bloom Review

Jade Bloom offers an amazing selection of carrier oils. With 30 base oils to choose from, you can either look for the classics or try something new. On my first order with Jade Bloom, I included Black Seed Virgin carrier oil, which I’ve enjoyed since spiking my skincare essential oil lotions for an additional boost in vitamins and minerals.

Price-wise, the carrier oils are extremely competitive. The bottles include a glass pipette, which I find extremely useful for being precise with the amount of oil I wish to use.

Final thought

Overall, Jade Bloom is a solid essential oil brand with good principles and practices of operation.

The quality of Jade Bloom essential oils is good. It checks out and gets my stamp of approval. They offer publicly available GC/MS reports, plus educational resources to help readers understand both the benefits but also safety precautions of essential oils. That’s what I like to see in an essential oil brand.

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Jade Bloom Website: www.jadebloom.com

Thanks for reading this Jade Bloom Review!

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