Whether you’re just learning the streamline or looking to upgrade your training, Swim Smart can help you renew your love for swimming. Read our Swim Smart review to find more information.

What is Swim Smart?

The best training tool is a happy, motivated, engaged swimmer. Therefore, Swim Smart creates those “Ah Ha” moments that can change your swimming forever.

They believe the most important training tool is your brain. When the light goes on there is nothing more powerful or more positive towards making your swimming better. Make breakthroughs in technique and training by using equipment that is as challenging as it is beneficial, and transfer that training to every race you do.

You can work hard doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work smart too, and that is where Swimsmarttoday can help.

Best-selling products

  • Squeezline: The Squeezline is an electronic streamline sensor that makes an audible BEEP when the swimmer presses into a tight streamline. It is perfect for young swimmers.
  • Break-Away: It allows swimmers to automatically disconnect from a Power Tower at a set point in the lane. The disconnected swimmer can then use the power and feel from their resistance training to finish the 25 or 50 with speed!
  • Swimming Power Harness: It is an upgrade to the typical waist belt used by parachutes and Power Towers. It forces the swimmer’s upper body to drive to the other wall in a straight line. It helps swimmers feel their power through the shoulders.
  • Fog-X: It is the only long-lasting anti-fog insert that you apply once and forget. It’s just that simple. Peel the protective tabs, insert, and swim on!


Swim Smart review


Swim Smart reviews from customers

  • I use Break-Aways to feel myself get stronger when I’m struggling. When you compare it to an actual set, it helps me know that I can push through the pain.
  • The swimmers are more comfortable, it looks like it is better for their spine, it has the desired effect faster than the old belts and the swimmers who are widest at mid-thigh can go all out without worrying about it slipping down.
  • Really like this. I can feel it working. It is easy to use and I am going to get better underwater! Feel that it is more important than fins. Thank you for this.
  • We use the weight belt for fly kicking and regular fly sets, and I really see our swimmers work their core harder to keep those hips moving! And when the weight belt comes off, their form in fly definitely appears stronger!

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