5 Workouts to Do at Home During the Coronavirus Outbreak

workouts at home

Keeping yourself active is an important part of keeping your immune system up-to-scratch. If you’re at risk of getting sick (and that seems to be everyone right now), then these 5 workouts at home are sure to help you stay healthy and strong during the COVID-19 outbreak. They’ll also help you to stay sane if you’re self-isolating. 

We’ve included some great apps that you can use to get in great shape and keep healthy. They’re free to sue, although they have paid premium features. 

5 great at-home workouts 

You don’t need a gym – or any equipment – to perform these workouts, they’re all designed to be done by anyone at home. What’s great about them is that they also don’t take up too much of your time, so you’ll be more likely to consistently do them. 

workouts at home

Stay healthy during the novel coronavirus pandemic with these at-home workouts


Pilates is a great workout to strengthen your core and get your heart beating faster. It is like a more physical form of yoga that involves stretching and holding positions to activate the muscles in your abdominals. You can do this exercise at home without any equipment – although using a yoga mat would be more comfortable. 

Here are some great YouTube videos on how to perform basic Pilates

Home workout in less than 20 minutes

By downloading the Home Workout – No Equipment app on Android or iOS to get free access to a full regime of home workouts – all of which can be done in under 20 minutes without the need for any equipment. 

This app is designed to take you from beginner to pro over the course of several weeks and is ideal for anyone looking to get into better shape for the foreseeable future. 

workouts at home

100% Army Fit 

The 100% Army Fit for Android and iOS app was designed by the British Army to get prospective recruits into shape before they join the military. If it’s good enough for the army, then the chances are that it’s good enough for you too. The app is totally free and doesn’t require any equipment. It also tracks your progress over time and gives you constant goals to work towards. 


Yoga has been proven to have incredible benefits to your health and lifestyle. The practice comes from India and has been a part of eastern culture for millennia. Yoga is a great way to stretch your muscles and unlock your body from aches and pains. It’s also a good mental workout. 

More than this, Yoga is actually more physically demanding than a lot of people realize. If you’re looking for a good way to take care of your mental and physical health, then follow this link to learn more about the basics of yoga, as well as these YouTube videos on how to perform beginner yoga exercises

workouts at home


Okay, you might be thinking “what the hell does meditation have to do with working out?” and we’d forgive you for thinking this. You mind is like a muscle, and if you leave it untrained then it can run in all different directions, throwing your mood and emotions around with it and causing you to act in ways that you’ll later regret. 

We recommend that you try the Headspace app for Android and iOS to get free access to some guided meditation sessions that last anywhere between three and 20 minutes, depending on your preference. 

To train your mind like you’d train a muscle requires meditation. This doesn’t just mean that you sit there and don’t think about anything – it’s about recognizing your thoughts when they appear and then letting them disappear. In this way, you’ll gain more control over your thoughts and emotions. This makes you more disciplined, and, in turn, it makes you more likely to stick to disciplined goals like working out every day. 

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