As a dog owner, you probably understand that life with the furriest family member comes with surprises. One of the biggest things can be discovering that your dog is carrying a litter of puppies. And maybe wondering how to tell if your dog is pregnant? What are the signs? It’s not always easy to tell if your dog is pregnant, so let’s take a look at the signs of pregnancy and help your dog in the process.

6 Signs Of How To Tell If Your Dog Is Pregnant

Have you noticed your dog acting a bit lazier than usual, or perhaps eating less of her evening meals? Think your dog is pregnant? Here is how to find out!

1. Decreased Activity

How To Tell If Your Dog Is Pregnant
How To Tell If Your Dog Is Pregnant

If your dog gets exhausted easily or spends more time napping, it could indicate that he is pregnant. For dogs that are normally energetic, this drop should be taken seriously. For dogs that already enjoy dozing off all day, it can be harder to notice a decrease in energy. If that’s the case, try to notice how fast she will tire while walking.

2. Changes In Appetite

A pregnant dog’s appetite can fluctuate in a variety of ways, depending on the individual dog and the stage of their pregnancy. Early or mid-pregnancy, she may eat less or sometimes vomit (equivalent to morning sickness). However, she may also eat more than usual and be unsatisfied with her meals. These fluctuations correspond to your dog’s hormone changes.

3. Unusual Behavior

How To Tell If Your Dog Is Pregnant1
Here’re are signs of how to tell if your dog is pregnant

If your furry member is pregnant, you may notice certain changes in its behavior. For example, she may seek the comfort of her owner more often. Pregnant dogs may spend more time with you and seek more attention. On the other hand, she may seek isolation and not want to be bothered. She may seem depressed or even irritable when it comes to attention.

4. Enlarged Or Discolored Nipples

Although a female dog’s nipples are usually small, pregnancy causes their nipples to grow in size in the early stages of pregnancy. The areolas also become slightly more rounded than the usual flatness. You may also notice your dog’s nipples turn a little darker red than normal, which indicates increased blood flow. After pregnancy, her nipples can also leak milk sometimes.

5. Weight Gain And Enlarged Abdomen

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Do You Know How To Tell If Your Dog Is Pregnant?

As the puppies grow, the mother’s belly will expand. This can be one of the most obvious signs of a dog’s pregnancy, especially if your dog has no other reason for his sudden weight gain. However, enlarging of the abdomen happens relatively late into a dog’s pregnancy, meaning that if you notice this along with others, it’s time to take your dog to the vet.

6. Nesting Behaviors

During the last few weeks of pregnancy, you may notice that your dog begins to shred bedding and other readily available materials to create nests. She may also become irritable and reclusive during this time, so it’s best to limit contact with young children.

Compared to humans, the gestation period of dogs is relatively short, from 56-70 days. Therefore, spotting the signs of pregnancy quickly is crucial to ensure a comfortable, safe birth for your new puppies. After a proper examination, your local veterinarian can give you all the instructions you need to properly care for your pregnant pet.

Above are 6 signs of how to tell if your dog is pregnant. Do you think your dog might be pregnant? Please contact your veterinarian about the care she needs.

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