Image optimization is a must when pushing an article on a website.  However, we usually ignore or do it in an incorrect way. Therefore, I think this EWWW Image Optimizer review is useful for anyone who needs image optimization for SEO. Don’t forget EWWW Image Optimizer coupons at the end for happy shopping.

SEO with Image optimization

Images impact directly on the loading speed of a page. Therefore, webmasters, content creators, SEO-ers need to optimize images before uploading them on the website.

If you don’t optimize images on your website, it can take more several seconds to load a page. That really annoys users.

It also takes time to do some steps to optimize images like renaming, resizing, or image format changing.

As a content writer, I feel all of you when you have to find a good-quality image on the internet then crop, and resize it. It really slows down the process of posting an article.

Even, an article with 1000 words needs more than three images.

Then I found out about this store – EWWW Image Optimizer. I am sure you will be happy with the tool and plugin it provides to help you optimize images

EWWW Image Optimizer

EWWW Image Optimizer review – What plugins you have hit?

There are 6 plugins including

Easy Image Optimizer

It will be your helpful tool to speed up your website and connect better with visitors. It functions to properly compress and scale images.

EWWW Image Optimizer plugin

EWWW Image Optimizer has the power to compress and resize any images in JPG, PNG, and GIF format as well as optimize SVG & PDF files directly on your website server. You no longer have to download each image then use paint or other tools to do those stuff. Just turn on the plugin and wait until EWWW Image Optimizer gets it done for you.

EWWW Image Optimizer is available on GitHub and

SWIS Performance

With this plugin, in one handy package, you can get all the speed-boosting tools like page caching, JS/CSS optimization tools, the ability to disable unused JS/CSS, Google Font optimizer, CDN rewriter, and more.

S3 Image Optimizer

What’s more, there is a plugin for WordPress called S3 Image Optimizer that lets you optimize images in Amazon S3 buckets, and integrates with the EWWW I.O. plugins. It provides full compression capability.

EWWW Image Optimizer SILO

The Standalone Image Optimizer provides all the WordPress plugin functions (local tools + API capabilities), but with minimal specifications and no WordPress dependencies.


This is a WordPress plugin that automatically resizes large uploads of images. If you are tired of keep on scaling huge size images, this plugin does help.

EWWW Image Optimizer -2

EWWW Image Optimizer pricing and how to save money

There are two packages for you to choose

Compress API key is the best choice for saving storage space. You only have to pay $0.002 / image to get Premium Compression, WebP (next-gen image format), Save Storage Space, Reduced Server Load. Images are stored on your server.

30% off

Easy IO package is perfect for comprehensive image optimization including compression, scaling, lazy load, WebP conversion, etc. Easy IO costs $5-15 / month only.

From this EWWW Image Optimizer review, you will receive all updates about EWWW Image Optimizer coupons and discounts.

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