Do you want to surprise your lover with a romantic and meaningful gift? No need to waste your precious time. Read my DecoExchange review for the fastest way to make a love bug wreath.

What Do You Need To Prepare?

What Do You Need To Prepare - DecoExchange Review
What Do You Need To Prepare – DecoExchange Review

Making a love wreath is not as difficult as it seems. Firstly, you need to prepare all the necessary materials. Then, you just take a moment to turn them into a work of art that is full of love. So, let’s go over what you need to prepare before making a wreath for your boyfriend or girlfriend.

The most important material is the wreath form. You can create your own wreath pattern with wire frame. You can also purchase a pre-made wreath form. However, you should choose the right frame size so that the wreath is not too big or too small.

Besides, you also need the following items.

  • Two 10″ deco mesh
  • 5″ wired ribbon
  • 5″ wired ribbon
  • 1″ mounting square
  • super glue
  • sign/attachment
  • pipe cleaners
  • scissors
  • rotary cutter
  • Twon small Terri bows

If you are making a wreath to celebrate Valentine’s Day, you should buy some Valentine bows, too.

These stuffs are very easy to find. However, you can save your time by visiting This online store has many kinds of high quality wreath-making materials. Especially, Hotreview4u will help you save your pocket with this special DecoExchange coupon code.

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How To Make A Love Wreath

How To Make A Wreath - DecoExchange Review
How To Make A Wreath – DecoExchange Review

Follow the step-by-step instructions carefully:

First of all, you stick 4 mounting squares to the back of your sign. Instead of the regular glue, you should use the super glue to make the wreath sturdier.

Second, you cut two 10″ deco meshes into nine 36″ strips.

Third, you slightly curl in a strip of deco mesh before scrunching towards the center to make a ruffle. You have to attach it to one of the ties on the bottom rung of the wreath frame. Do the same with the other strips of mesh until all ties are full.

Fourth, you use glue to attach pipe cleaners to the squares on your sign. After that, you can attach the sign to the top of the wreath.

Next, you attach 2 Terri bows to your love bug wreath. If this wreath is for Valentine’s Day, put your Valentine bow under the sign.

Finally, you measure the 14 “tails of the two ribbons. Put the 1.5″ ribbon on top of the 2.5” ribbon before folding them in half. Right after that, you have to grip them tightly at the center and add the pinch to the ties on the wreath frame. To keep the wreath balanced, you need to use as many pins as possible.

Hope you create a beautiful love bug wreath after reading this DecoExchange review.

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