The Succulent Source Review 

The Succulent Source is the place to go if you want fantastic event/wedding succulents, great customer service, and reasonable prices. They specialize in offering gorgeous succulents at an affordable price for your weddings, showers, and personal gardens! To learn more, see our The Succulent Source review.

Some useful information

  • What is a succulent?

Succulents are plants that store water in their leaves, stems, and roots and are adapted to arid regions or soil conditions.

  • What is Overwatering?

Plants that have been overwatered become mushy and discolored. The leaves might be yellow or white, and they fade over time. Although a plant in this state may be beyond repair, you can still take it out of its pot and examine the roots. Cut away dead roots and repot into drier potting soil if they are brown and rotting, or take a cutting and propagate the parent plant.

  • What is Underwatering?

During the growing season, succulents prefer plenty of water (spring and summer). A plant that has been submerged will first cease growing and then begin to shed its leaves. Because succulents are not cacti, they will begin to display signs of stress, such as wilted, drooping leaves. Alternatively, the plant’s leaves may develop brown patches. They will be plumped up with a decent drink.

The Succulent Source Review
Beautiful Succulents for your Weddings

Water care for succulent cuttings

You should not water them for the first two weeks otherwise you risk decay! Plant them in a cactus-type soil that drains easily, rather than a woody houseplant soil that holds moisture in. Another way is to simply place them in the shade on a tray for a couple of weeks, and many of them will root on their own. Allow the soil to dry between waterings once you’ve started watering, exactly as you would with fully rooted/potted succulents.

Succulents adore water, but only when the soil is completely dry. During the winter, you can cut back on watering but keep an eye on your plants’ appearance. Give your succulents some water if they’re starting to look wilted. Always water fully all the way to the bottom when watering. Watering the top inch or less is ineffective. Do not mist your cuttings, as they are not houseplants and do not thrive in humid environments.

The Succulent Source Review from customers

  • Fabulous product

Our succulent garden for the home arrived fast and in wonderful shape! The succulents were beautifully wrapped and presented. It was a wonderful exercise that we can continue to do while we’re stuck inside. You should order one for yourself if you haven’t already. With its little owl poking out, the finished garden makes us grin.

  • Great succulent

My succulent arrived on time and in perfect condition, despite the fact that I left it outside for a few hours. Mine was taller than the model in the picture. Totally worth the money!

  • Perfect for Baby Shower favors!

I used it as a favor during a baby shower I held. The plants arrived in excellent condition, and shipment was quick. They arrived two weeks before the event and looked fantastic on the big day!

The Succulent Source Review
Perfect for Baby Shower favors!

Does The Succulent Source offer a discount code?

Yes, they do. You can shop on The Succulent Source website since they occasionally provide discount programs on their homepage; your discount will be added instantly at checkout, or you can contact their customer service staff directly and inquire about promo programs.

You can also seek a coupon on The Succulent Source’s social media pages, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They generally broadcast promotional programs on social media on major occasions. You can also keep up with the latest The Succulent Source coupon codes by visiting Hotreview4u.

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