Your car’s wheels are old. Some scratches and gouges appear on the rims. Well, it’s time to create a new look for those wheels. Today, I’ll show you the way to make a Plasti-Dip wheel coating with

What Is Plasti Dip?

Plasti Dip is a rubberized covering. People spray it onto parts of a car in order to change their color. This is a safe and temporary way used for any part of a vehicle, including the wheels. Moreover, you can easily remove Plasti Dip. For example, if you want to change the colors again, simply peel this rubber material off.

Plasti Dip -
Plasti Dip –

Despite the fact that it isn’t hard to remove the covering, Plasti Dip is quite durable and resilient. In fact, Plasti Dip can last more than 3 years without fixing. Of course you need to apply it properly. This material not only helps the wheels look better, but also protects their original finish. Therefore, Plasti Dip has become extremely popular at the present time.

In addition of basic colors, you can even mix your own color for your car’s wheels. For instance, offers Plasti Dip with unique colors such as gunmetal and monster green. They also have gloss coatings or “metalizers” which make the Plasti Dip coating glossy.

How to Plasti-Dip Car Wheels

Everyone can spray Plasti Dip on their wheels without previous experience. It’s not difficult at all. However, there’re some application technique that will affect on its durability. That’s we need to know how to apply Plasti Dip.

Plasti-Dip Car Wheels -
Plasti-Dip Car Wheels –

Take the wheels off a car

Of course you can apply Plasti Dip while the wheels are on the car. However, using Plasti Dip to wheels which are off the car is easier. By that way, you can tilt the wheel and spray at hidden corners. You don’t want to miss any hidden surfaces, do you?

Clean your wheels

First of all, you should make your wheels free of dirt, grease, or wax. You can wash the wheels and then dry them before using Plasti Dip.

Mask off the tire

Plasti Dip will peel off tires so we don’t have to worry about overspray. However, you should tape off the tire around the edge of the wheel.  People often use masking or painter’s tape to do that. By this way, we can keep overspray to a minimum.

Spray your wheels

You should make the first coat lightly and almost transparent. Besides, try not to create drips or bubbles. After 10 minutes, it’s time to apply the second coat. You still lightly cover the wheels with smooth, even-paced sprays. Next, you wait until the second coat dry before putting the last coat. You spray Plasti Dip as light as before. At this time, you will see the color become completely solid. Remember that you must let the wheels dry at least 40 minutes to an hour. Finally, you can remove the cards or masking tape.

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