BuyBotPro Review – The Number One Tool For Deal Analysis

BuyBotPro Review: BuyBotPro analyzes the deal FOR you, saving you time, and money and helping you to sell more products, faster. Are you thinking of trying BinBot Pro? Before you try this tool, read our BuyBotPro Review to get more information and see how it works.

BuyBotPro Review: What is BuyBotPro?

BuyBotPro is an Amazon FBA online virtual trading assistant. It analyses thousands of data points to score deals out of 100.

As well as being an FBA calculator and a purchasing assistant, it checks eligibility, Hazmat, private label status, competitor stock, and estimated sales. It also calculates VAT and exports deal information to a purchase list in Google Sheets.

BuyBotPro Review

BuyBotPro Review – Amazon FBA Product Analysis Tool

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How does it work?

BuyBotPro works when you navigate to the Amazon product page. It uploads and patiently for you to input some key information – the buy and sell price. With that information, it forms its analysis to tell you the good level of buying it.


As all Amazon sellers know, you can’t just go around selling what you want. There are many restrictions in place for new sellers. When using BuyBotPro, it will let you know if you qualify to sell the product. It was a great time saver.

Profit Calculator

All the typical things like profit margins, ROI, Amazon fees, and actual profits are displayed within seconds, as you expect. That means if your sourcing tool is slightly different from the data (like some U.S.-focused tools), you can confirm them here.

Sales Rank

The best-seller rankings indicate the speed at which a product typically sells on Amazon. Although it is displayed publicly on the product page, takes some scrolling to get down there.

BuyBotPro prominently displays both the current BSR and shows whether it is among the fastest sellers in the category by showing what percentage it falls within (the top 1% is the best).

BuyBotPro Score

Based on all the factors mentioned, the tool then gives a percentage of the deal’s strength. The higher the better. The scale goes from  Low to Very Good one, red to green. It provides more details about the deal, whether it’s positive or negative, so you know where you stand.

This tool also shows estimated monthly sales and displays the recommended purchase quantity, making the checkout process much more efficient.

Stock Level Analysis

A great benefit of the tool is that it displays complete real-time stock-level data for all of the sellers on a listing.

You will no longer be in the dark about whether you are going to buy something that other sellers have x10 units when you assumed that they only had a couple.

It displays information on the top 10 sellers, which highlights FBA sellers, as this is your main competitor for Buy Box.

Sales Rank and Buy Box Graph

Now that Keepa’s best data is no longer free, BuyBotPro gives users the ability to view the essential Sales Rank and Buy Box price history that were standard on their Chrome extension.

They incorporate it into the interface, so you can see for yourself how well the product tends to sell and has done since it first entered the market. Note that this chart appears in the same position as Keepa on Amazon’s product page.

BuyBotPro Review

Is BuyBotPro for beginners or advanced Online Arbitragers?

BuyBotPro is perfect for both new OA’ers and veterans! It’ll help guide beginners in what to look out for in a good and bad deals while offering advanced OA’ers that second pair of eyes to look over each deal and make sure nothing is missed.


BuyBotPro starts from £24.95 per month. I don’t have a discount code, but they offer a 14-day money-back guarantee, and you can cancel any time. There are two different tiers for the software, depending on what requirements you have.

There are then two different payment plans, either through a monthly or annual subscription, with savings to be made if you are opt-in for longer.

Finally, Thanks for reading BuyBotPro Review from hotreview4u. And if you’ve tried BuyBotPro, please let us know how you feel in the comment below.

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