If you take playing poker online as a living or at least play seriously, not just entertainment, you will be indispensable for some software and support tools. These will make your poker science much more effective. Below is PokerTracker review, one of the essential software and tools when playing online poker.

PokerTracker overview

Since 2001 PokerTracker has become the market leader in evaluating, monitoring, and heading up show tools for online poker players.  The main product has been upgraded in the fourth version. That’s right. PokerTracker 4 offers the edge you need to concentrate and develop your game while simplifying your play experience online. In this post, we will share with you all aspects at PokerTracker from products to the ways of money savings with PokerTracker coupon codes and discounts.

PokerTracker 4 product

PokerTracker 4 supports No-Limit, Limit, or Pot-Limit betting systems in your favorite Cash Ring Games, Sit N ‘Go, or Multi-Table Tournaments format. In brief, it’s the perfect option for both Texas Holdem and Omaha players to track games.

Track games more correctly and in timely manner with PokerTracker 4 full features

Vector HUD Engine, Interactive Reports, Interactive Graphs, Interactive Filters allows you to control the interaction in games. Besides, there are much more features in helping with providing useful information for making decisions, including Drag & Drop HUD Profile Editor, In-Game Hand Tagging, Free Form Note Editor w/Color Tagging, Money Flow Charts, Global Database Graphing, NoteTracker Auto Notes*, LeakTracker, ICM Results in Replayer, Equity & ICM Calculator w/ICM Quiz; Hand Range Modeling, Overall Luck Bell Curve. Moreover, you can download Warehouse for Custom Stats, Reports, HUDs, Themes, Auto Notes, and more!

How many sites does PokerTracker 4 support?

Now PokerTracker4 can support for nearly 20 sites and networks of Poker games like: 888 Network, Barriere Poker, Betfair Poker,  Cereus Network,  evolution Gaming Network, iPoker Network. Check out the list of sites on their website. The support is totally auto. They are doing best to optimize products and maximize support for poker sites.


Does PokerTracker 3 still work?

It was the third edition of PokerTracker, the software package for online poker players to track and analyze poker. PokerTracker 3 came out in 2007 and was totally discontinued on July 31, 2014. Now, PokerTracker no longer supports the version 3.

PokerTracker review

How to get PokerTracker coupon code

In general, coupon is the best way to help save money and avoid the trick of retailers. Not only does it save your time and money, it also brings about a happy feeling, a desire for shopping to any customers. Hence, PokerTracker sometimes also creates promotional program with the purpose of pleasing their clients. However, they don’t offer coupons and discounts all the time around the year.  That’s why you should visit PokerTracker review of Hotreview4u to be updated PokerTracker coupon very fast. Finally, we check and hunt for PokerTracker discount every day, just to be sure that, no code is left outside there.

The best time to get PokerTracker coupon code

Blackfriday and Cyber Monday are to best time to enjoy PokerTracker coupon code.  If you’re interested in Black Friday, Cyber Money deals and want to purchase their products and tools on this day, then you don’t have to worry, they’ll offer big discounts on Black Friday and help you save a lot of money. Black Friday is the most affordable day of the year when you buy PokerTracker 4 and you can save a lot of money on this item. Therefore, if you want to be the first one to enjoy Black Friday promotions from them, don’t miss out on the PokerTracker coupons page on our website.

You can update the PokerTracker 4 discount below this PokerTracker review



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