Best Smart Notebook Brands You Should Know

2021 Best Smart Notebook Brands

You like the feel of writing on paper but still want to own a device with the most advanced features. Then a smart notebook is a perfect choice for you. Let me show you the best smart notebook brands in the market today.


Wacom Bamboo Folio smartpad - Best Smart Notebook Brands
Wacom Bamboo Folio smartpad – Best Smart Notebook Brands

One of the leading brands in high-end smart writing devices is Wacom. They are famous of their modern tablets, styluses, pen displays and smartpads. Besides, the company offers cutting-edge digital ink solutions.

Outstanding Advantages

The reason why Wacom is on this list is because of their Bamboo Folio smartpad. This smart device will digitize your handwritten notes. In other words, you’re able to not only enjoy the feeling of putting pen to paper, but also arrange, edit your notes with digital ink.

No matter what kind of paper you write on, even a napkin, this device will sync your notes just in minutes. In addition, you can use the Wacom Inkspace app to export your works as rich text or DOC files.


At Wacom’s online store, you will find 2 kinds of Bamboo Folio. The large version costs $199.95 and the small one costs $149.95. Whichever version you choose, you still receive a free comfortable Wacom Ballpoint pen.


Rocketbook Core - Best Smart Notebook Brands
Rocketbook Core – Best Smart Notebook Brands

When it comes to smart notebooks, I cannot fail to mention Rocketbook. This brand offers the most suitable product line for traditionalists.

Outstanding Advantages

Although Rocketbook has a lot of useful product, I recommend you its best-seller item called Rocketbook Core. This product looks like an ordinary notebook. However, you can connect it with any cloud services.

Besides, another interesting highlight of this notebook is its reusable feature. The Rocketbook Core often comes with a pen from the Pilot Frixion line. So, it will be easier to wipe things that you wrote earlier by a damp cloth. Then, you can use the paper over and over again.


This product has 2 sizes for you to choose. The Letter version is currently priced at $34.00. The Executive version is $2 cheaper than the previous one. But you can always use this Rocketbook coupon to save money.

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Which Smart Notebook Brand Is For You?

Finally, both Wacom and Rocketbook have their own advantages.

In my opinion, Wacom Bamboo Folio is more suitable for artists, such as illustrators. However, any note-taker who needs an extremely advanced smart notebook will be satisfied with this product.

In the other hand, Rocketbook Core is the no.1 choice for those who love classic and convenient product with the lower price. What could be better than just spending a few bucks for a smart notebook that can be reused indefinitely?

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