There is a powerful plugin in this post that helps to control content for your Patreon community on your WordPress site more effectively. Let’s dump into CodeBard Patreon WordPress Plugin to know more.

Recalling the early days of the Internet, we remember there was a prominent button called “donate” appearing on many websites. “Donate” buttons appear for an important purpose: to motivate writers to continue to create and develop content.

Nowadays we have links and advertisements.  However, not everyone wants their website to be cluttered with ads. Many bloggers, podcasters, and other advertisers are supporting their communities by offering a more compelling option: Patreon.

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a membership platform that makes it easy for anyone to get paid. Instead of relying on helping people reach their one-time fundraising goals, like Kickstarter or Indiegogo, Patreon acts as a stable, long-term source of financial revenue.

Patreon is a way to join a community of people who love your creativity and get paid to do the things you love. This makes it the perfect fit for writers, musicians, podcasts, and artists. Fans can receive as little as $ 1 per week or once a month. In return, the fans get access to greater content.

What Is Patreon

How does Patreon work?

Anyone who is doing continuous creative work such as creating comic books, blogging, podcasting, teaching manual techniques can sign up for a Patreon account.

Categories on the Patreon website include videos, movies, music, comics, paintings, animations, podcasts, games, photos, comedy, science, education, crafts, dance, and drama.

Once you create your account, you can add bonus levels and milestones. Clients who have committed a certain amount per month, per week, or per episode (depending on how you set up your account) will be charged once a month.

For example, some podcasts are charged on a per-episode basis. If they create one episode in a month, their client at $5 will be charged $5. However, in a month if you publish with 4 episodes, patrons are charged $20.

If you are not sure how much content you will create, your customers can set a limit on how much they want to give in a month.

Patreon charges a 5% fee you get and a 2-4% additional payment processing fee. In addition, you will also face some fees for transferring money from Patreon to your bank account.

2021 Patreon WordPress Plugin To Increase Your

CodeBard has a powerful plugin to integrate your WordPress site and Patreon.

Let’s take a look at how CodeBard Patron Plugin Pro works through its features

CodeBard Patreon WordPress Plugin 1

  • Advanced Patron Only Content at your WordPress Site

With simple or advanced locking methods, you can lock posts; custom post types by category, tag, custom taxonomy, date, by age, lock last (x) posts. Moreover, you can show posts by age or show last (x) posts only.

It means only people in your Patreon community are able to access the content when they login to their account.

  • Fine-tuning

This feature enables you to mark users as VIP or with custom pledge levels to integrate your supporters from other venues.

Besides, you can reward long-time backers, friends, family with the VIP feature.

The wizard gets Patreon API credentials

Automated installation wizard does all that needs doing! The wizard will also help you acquire Patreon API credentials easily!

  • Totally Customizable

Show easily customizable “Be a Patron” call to action for Patron-only posts.

Show teaser excerpts before each post!

Use custom buttons with your own design & language!

Read how you can use advanced widgets like the Custom Patron Greeting widget

  • Use custom Widgets to increase your Patrons

To inspire your users to become Patrons, use Custom Author and Site widgets, as well as Post widgets.

Patron Pro is the most affordable membership option, costing just 29,95€ a year and giving you access to all new features, fixes, and updates.

Enjoy our CodeBard coupons, discounts, and offer under this post to save your order.



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