Do you want to boost your energy in the most refreshing way? This Yerbae review is about a delicious herbal and fruit fizzy drink. It contains no calories, sugar or artificial ingredients but it can produce amazing health benefits for your body.

What Is Yerba Mate?

Yerba Mate makes Yerbae Review
Yerba Mate makes Yerbae Review

Yerba mate is a species of plant native to South America. The natives used the leaves and twigs of the plant to make a special herbal tea. Today, the consumption rate of Yerba mate in countries such as Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Southern Brazil is more than that of coffee.

4 Benefits of Yerba Mate

Benefits of Yerba Mate - Yerbae Review
Benefits of Yerba Mate – Yerbae Review

What made this traditional drink so popular? Let’s explore the great benefits of this herb in my Yerbae review.

  1. Firstly, it contains a number of phytonutrients that are beneficial to the human body. For example, the Caffeoyl derivatives in Yerba Mate have higher antioxidant properties than green tea. Besides, it also contains Polyphenols – a large group of substances that help reduce the risk of disease.
  2. Secondly, Yerba Mate is one of the few plants that contain caffeine (a lesser amount than coffee but more than tea). Therefore, it has the ability to increase energy and concentration.
  3. Thirdly, it has the ability to improve muscle contraction and reduce fatigue. So, drinks containing this herb can energize you even during intense workouts.
  4. Fourthly, research shows that yerba mate reduces cravings and boosts metabolism. This is a benefit not to be missed if you are in the process of losing weight.

In addition, this herb strengthens the immune system, reduces blood sugar levels and the risk of heart disease. Knowing its great benefits, Todd and Karrie Gibson used Yerba Mate to make a special drink. They named it Yerbae.

Yerbae Review

Watermelon Strawberry Yerbae Review
Watermelon Strawberry Yerbae Review

This carbonated drink is the perfect combination of Yerba Mate and vitamin-rich fruits. In other words, Yerbae not only brings fresh taste, but also retains the beneficial substances from Yerba Mate.

It has the ability to provide energy superior to other drinks on the market. Whether you’re at home, working out, or even hiking, you’ll feel revived with just a sip of Yerbae. Moreover, this drink does not contain calories, sugar and artificial sweeteners. So, it is the right choice for your healthy diet.

Yerbae’s drinks are available in sachets and cans. For savings, you can apply my Yerbae coupon code when ordering.

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