Looking for a great, luxurious mattress? Going to Wright Bedding where you can find a new, luxurious, memory foam mattress. This review below will give you more helpful information about Wright Bedding Mattress.



With the thickness of 11 inches, wright bedding mattress has 4 layers including
– Top layer is 1.5 inch of visco elastic memory foam. This layer is to provide comfort and cooling. As a softer top layer, the sleeper is able to sink into the memory foam and receive a sharper contour. This layer has a PCF (pounds per cubic foot) of 4.0.

– Second layer is 2 inches of memory foam (polymer reinforced). The second layer of memory foam creates more of contour for the sleeper. This layer has a PCF of 3.0.

– Third layer is 1.5 inches of memory foam. After the contour has taken place, the third layer of memory foam help to support the sleepers. this layer also acts as the transitional layer for the mattress, creating a smoother transition from the top comfort foams to the more supportive base foam. The third layer has a PCF of 5.0.

– Bottom layer is 6 inches of base foam. The bottom layer works as the foundational base for the mattress. This layer also provides the deep compression support for sleepers. This layer has a PCF of 1.8.

Wright Bedding Mattress

The cover is removable and washable with a quilted brick pattern.
Cotton and Polyester is 2 main materials of Wright Bedding Mattress Cover. This Blend creates a soft and breathable cover. The sides of the mattress are on the thinner side, allowing for better breathability with more consistent airflow in and out of the cover. This helps to maintain a cooler sleeping surface.
In general, the cover color is so simple with the whole white color. In the top piece of the cover, there are grey line crossing through. Wright’s logo is embossed on a leather tag and sewn into the foot of the mattress, adding a nice final touch to the cover as a whole.


If you are in love with a mattress of medium firmness, Wright Bedding mattress will be your best choice. It is at 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale.
This mattress has a very unique feel. The top memory foam comfort layer is very plush giving you the feeling of sleeping in the mattress, rather than sleeping on the mattress. . A common complaint with memory foam mattresses is that the top layer of foam is too slow to react. Wright is able to achieve an excellent balance where you can’t really tell where one layer ends and the other begins.
Edge support really isn’t an issue for most, but just something to note for the occasional person that clings to the edge of the mattress all night.
On the transfer test, Wright Bedding Mattress performs very well like other memory foam mattresses. After this test I can confidently say the Wright mattress is a great option for couples, particularly if you have had issues with disturbing each other in the past due to kicking or turning over.

Wright Bedding Mattress Review

With the flat weight but in different positions, the mattress gives different reaction.
Lying on back – While lying in a normal position on back, I see the sinkage is 2 inches
Lying on side – When rolling onto the side, I see sinkage is 3 inches.
Sitting on edge (conservative) – In a normal sitting position slightly away from the direct edge, I see 3.25 inches of sinkage.
Sitting on edge (aggressive) – While sitting directly on the edge of the mattress, I see sinkage is 3.5 inches.
Standing in the middle – With all of my weight placed at one point on the mattress, I see sinkage is 5 inches.


Size Price
Twin $1,395
Twin XL $1,445
Full $1,595
Queen $1,795
King $2,195
California King $2,195
As far as I know, the price of Wright Bedding mattress is a little bit higher. Price is one the most important factors that affects your choice but it doesn’t matter at all. Remember that, you get a chance to cut down the cost when shopping at Wright Bedding by Wright Bedding coupon code. Visit here to find the best value coupon code.


The Wright Bedding mattress stands out in terms of quality of materials and design. I highly recommend the Wright Bedding mattress for those who want:
great design -the Wright brand and mattress cover definitely have a higher-end look than most of its bed-in-a-box competitors.
memory foam mattress – Wright definitely has a top-end memory foam feel, offering the famous comfort and support tradeoff.
a medium-firm mattress – The Wright brings home a medium-firm feel, landing at a 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale, where 10 is the most firm.
luxurious mattress –This mattress has luxury lifestyle in mind. With this higher price tag does come a bit better performance, but you are definitely paying for that extra.
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