If you are a first-time parent, it is definitely difficult to choose clothes for babies. Clothing is an important factor in the time babies are familiar with the environment outside the mother’s body. Buying appropriate and quality newborn clothes is a very important task that you need to keep in mind. And here are some tips for buying baby clothes you need to know.

Be Mindful of Baby Clothes Sizes

Through monthly ultrasound, especially in the last months, you can know your baby’s weight and length to get ready to buy clothes. When people tell you that babies grow like weeds, they won’t joke. In fact, the general rule is to double your baby’s age to determine their size – at least until they reach 2 years of age. 

However, if you try to buy baby clothes too far in advance, you will waste your money because your baby will never wear half of what you bought. To find the right size for newborn babies, you can use the baby clothes size chart.

Consider Comfort

You should choose items made from breathable, absorbent materials such as cotton or natural fibers, avoiding hard fabrics, fabrics because they can make your baby uncomfortable and itchy. For cotton, you should choose a slightly wider size because these fabrics often shrink after the first wash. 


Also, most newborns will sleep up to 18 hours a day, which means they need comfortable pajamas and coveralls, not outfits. And of course, when babies are comfortable, they are happier (meaning a more peaceful home) and they sleep better.

Choose by product brand

When buying clothes, you should also pay attention to the origin and product labels. Carefully read the information on the product label, including manufacturer name, ingredients (material), how to wash. Depending on your budget, you should choose products from familiar names, such as local manufacturers or famous brands, to avoid unknown items. 

Some big brands specializing in selling clothes for children and babies you can consider such as Turtledove London, Mori, Tobias & The Bear, My K by Myleene Klass, Marmalade Sky, Claude & Co. Moreover, remember to cut off the labels on clothes before putting them in your baby as this can rub against their skin, causing discomfort.

Highly recommend buy baby pajamas from Castleware. In Castleware outfits, your kids look like angels.

Tips to save money on baby’s clothes

Babies are lovely, but they can also be expensive! Don’t let your little one put a hole in your wallet before they arrive. Try some tips to save money on baby clothes.

Sign up for promotional emails

Whenever I visit a retailer’s website, the first thing I do is sign up for their promotional email. To be honest, it’s hard to miss the offer that pops up on most sites like Sign up and get 25% on your first purchase; Discount 30% in one week…So instead of skipping prompts, you should set up an extra email account for shopping and use it for discounts.

Shop End of Season

The best discounts are usually kept until the end of a specific season. By arranging a reasonable time, you can buy right away “for next year” with significant savings. Winter coats, in particular, offer a 60-75 percent discount at the end of the season.

Above are some tips for buying baby clothes, besides you should also choose reputable stores to ensure your baby’s health. Become wise parents!

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