Searching for a great cloth diapering system is a lot of fun… and it’s also overwhelming! I decided I’d try out a few different diapers as I looked for an easy system to use for Honor and to use for the new baby. My first pick was Softbums because I’ve heard other mamas give them good reviews. I’ve really enjoyed using them and I’ll share my thoughts at Softbums Cloth Diapers Review below:

Softbums Cloth Diapers

What if I told you there were diapers that could take you from newborn all the way to potty training? (Average age for potty training in the US is around 2-3 years old.) Causing you to only have to purchase one stash for your child. I have your attention now, don’t I? Haha! Well, there are diapers that will go from newborn to 36 months and they are from the company Softbums. They have two different diaper shells, along with a couple of different inserts, or as they call them Pod systems, that grow with your child and let you choose the absorbency that fits your needs.

Innovative Sizing

The first thing that attracted me to Softbums was their fully customizable fit. Like many diapers, they’re a “one size” system meant to take your child from birth to potty independence. Rather than using snaps to adjust fit, however, they have a super-cool toggle system.

There’s a tiny (but still easily usable) toggle on each side of the diaper (under the fleece liner) that lets you adjust the elastic in the legs to get a perfect fit for your baby. I’ve never seen anything like it.

It works really, really well. On the smallest setting the leg openings are tiny – I have a feeling they’d fit even a tiny newborn. On the largest setting they’re way too big for Honor, so they’ll fit for quite awhile. It was easy to get them adjusted for Honor’s size and they look really nice.

The Echo All in 2 Shell

Softbums Cloth Diapers Review

First a little bit about the Echo shell. The Echo diaper shell, Softbums trim fit shell, fits 0-36 months and can fit a child as small as 5lbs. How? Because of their patented toggle system. With Softbums the Echo shell has a toggle system inside the diaper that allows you to adjust the leg elastic to fit your child. The best way to do this is to measure around your child’s leg, in inches, where the diaper will sit. Divide the number by 2, and add 1.5. (Didn’t think you would need to do some math for your child’s cloth diapers, did you? Haha) The number you get, in inches, is how long your elastics should be on your diaper.

The Omni All in 2/Pocket Shell


The Softbums Omni shell, like the Echo, fits from 0-36 months due to Softbums patented toggle elastic system. (I measured my daughter the same way I did for the Echo and got a great fit.) The Omni has the same fleece inside with waterproof backing, and comes in either hook and loop or snap shell. Prep is the same, and just like the Echo the inserts, or pod systems, are sold separately so you can customize to your child’s needs. The difference between the Softbums Echo vs. the Omni shell is also a pocket diaper.

So now you have a choice to either lay the inserts on top, snap them in, or stuff them. After having both the Echo shell and Omni shells on my daughter’s bum I can say the Omni shell is a hair bigger. You might still be able to get away with diapering your newborn with an Omni shell depending on your baby’s weight at birth, but if you are like me and make smaller babies than the Echo may be your way to go.

Large Dry Touch Pod

Since you can purchase the Softbums inserts, or pods, separately you can choose what fabric/absorbency you think would work best for your little one, and interchange them between the Echo and Omni shells. The dry touch pods are made of 4 layers of microfiber with a soft microfleece top. (It is actually really soft. Haha!) To prep the dry touch pods, you will need to wash them 2-4 times. Remember to prep them separately from your bamboo pods.

One-Size Bamboo Super Double-Pod

Softbums Cloth Diapers Review

I am going to start out by saying I actually really like this insert/pod. Out of all of the Softbums products I have used the bamboo pod is my favorite. Softbums bamboo pods are made of a layer of Bamboo/cotton blend topped with a layer of bamboo velour. (These inserts/pods are SO SOFT. There is currently only one other diaper I have tried that could possibly match Softbums bamboo pod in softness, but that diaper’s insert is not made of bamboo.)


So, the big question is… how much do they cost? Since the Softbums shells are made in the USA their price is slightly higher than other cloth diaper company shells. The cost for an Echo or Omni diaper shell is $21.95. You can get different prints on sale for a little bit less on the Softbums website. Or other natural parenting stores if they are running a sale. Since the inserts are sold separately the cost for a shell and insert can vary. The Large dry touch pod retails for $4.95 and the One-size Bamboo Super double pod retails for $15.95.

To give an example you could purchase 12 shells, 12 large dry touch pods, and 12 small dry touch pods for around the same price as 24 newborn diapers. (Shells being used at least twice gives you 24 diaper changes.) The kicker is you wouldn’t have to sell them as your child grows saving you money.Overall Impressions

It can be said that if you are a mother, you cannot ignore SoftBums diapers because it is so convenient, high quality and affordable. Besides, they also provide Softbums discount codes and Softbums coupon codes to help you be more economical when shopping. Go to and order now!

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