Since its development until now, there have been countless number of games developed and released. The real numbers are beyond count, however, only a few of them have a huge player base. Here is a list of the top 5 most played mobile games of all time (as of April 2020).

Candy Crush Saga

Most Played Mobile Games

Don’t all gamers around the world know the famous Candy Crush Saga? We have all been “victims” of the addiction if this siimple yet so catchy game. Just like Bejeweled has captivated many gamers’ hearts from childhood, since Candy Crush Saga has, this game replaced the diamond legend of Popcap.

Candy Crush has had over 500 million players globally, making it the 5th on this list! Candy Crush Saga is available on both Android and iOS device.

PUBG Mobile

Most Played Mobile Games

The Player Unknown Battle Grounds designed exclusively for mobile devices. PUBG Mobile is a game that spreads faster than any other game and has loyal gamers around the world playing within a year of its launch.

When released, it only offers “Battle Royal” in its still most-played map, Erangel. With time, Tencent has added new weapons, introducing new game modes such as Arcade mode with shorter duration per match compared to the original 30 minutes.

Of course, it’s impossible not to mention the new maps like anhok, Vikendi and Miramar. The game is also available in first-person shooter mode as well as third-person shooter mode.

PUBG Mobile just celebrated its second birthday with more than 600 million players globally. PUBG Mobile is available to download for both Android and iOS devices.

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Minion Rush: Despicable Me

Minion Rush: Despicable Me

Who doesn’t love the cute little minions? Well, in this game, you can choose from characters: Dave, Carl, Jerry and Mel! The game offers many funny and fancy outfits for players.

Minions Rush has more than 900 million players globally, making it one of the most loved games of all time. Minion Rush is free to download for both Android and iOS devices.

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers

Another game in the Endless Run genre that took the world by storms. Subway Surfers came out in 2012 and remains one of the most played games on today’s date. Released by SYBO Games, Subway Surfers has over 1 billion players, as of December 2019. Subway Surfers is free to download for both Android and iOS devices.

Pokémon Go

Most Played Mobile Games

One of the best mobile masterpieces released by Niantic. Released in 2016, Pokemon Go spread faster than “wildfire”.

Pokemon Go allows players to walk around their city in real time using GPS to find and capture pokemon on their way. The game had recorded over 1 billion players in February 2019 already, putting it on number 1 in this list of “most played mobile games of all time. Pokemon Go is free to download for both Android and iOS devices.

The number of users for each game has been borrowed from Wikipedia. Follow our website – Hotreview4u for more similar lists. Also, share with us your favorite game of all time in the comments below.

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