Many Divi users do find child theme is such a confusing topic and still have a doubt if they need one for DIY online project. In this Divi Cake review, we will discover more insight into Divi Child Theme and join Divi Cake coupons for saving money.

What is a Divi Child Theme?

Divi is a parent theme which is one of the most powerful WordPress themes available today. Meanwhile, a child theme is a theme that requires a parent theme to operate.  Divi Child Theme is a good solution to the loss of parent theme’s files when parent theme is updated to fix bug, add code, to be quicker and better.

While getting parent theme’s functions, Divi Child Theme has separate styling and you can add any new features to it. You can add it to your Divi website any time to add code to the theme files or to change your website’s design.

Divi Cake review

Two main types of Divi child themes

Each type is used for different purposes. After understanding the features of each type, I am sure you will know when you need it.

Blank Child Theme

A blank child theme has no pages or any designs to it. It has a php.functions file, a CSS stylesheet, and any other files you want to add. Your website will need configuring because it does not have pages, formats, or customizations. Once a theme is installed, you can customize it.

Therefore, whether you need a blank child theme or not depends on the types of customizations that you wish to make.

Predesigned Child Theme

Predesigned Child Theme gives you a head start on creating your designs. A predesigned child theme includes pages, menus, and other features to help you create your website before it goes live. Just simply install the child theme, import the files then add your content.

If you want to save the amount of time and money in creating your Divi website, choose Predesigned Child Theme to help.

Divi Cake review

There are 536 Divi Child Themes to get your next website started at Divi Cake. Divi Child Themes allow you to run your website as fast as possible.

In addition to beautiful design, fast loading and SEO standards, Divi Child Themes is favored by many valuable features for WordPress.

Besides, the price is so affordable, only from $10 to get a Divi Child Theme. Moreover, you can take a chance of Divi Cake coupons in this Divi Cake review to save more.

Divi developers and designers are here to help you find the perfect premium Divi themes, along with layouts, and plugins. We will update more Divi products in other reviews.




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