It is our obligation as parents to teach our children how to sleep. Whatever your needs are, The Sleep Lady offers the resources you’ll need to be successful with your child’s sleep training. To learn more about The Sleep Lady, read our The Sleep Lady review.

Who is The Sleep Lady?

Kim West founded The Sleep Lady, a company that focuses on gentle sleep and parenting solutions. They’ve been assisting hundreds of thousands of families for over 25 years, allowing them to get the rest they need without leaving their children alone to cry it out. They provide tools and suggestions for parents to assist schedule their child’s day, feedings, and more while focusing on sleep training.

The Sleep Lady is one of the few companies that specialize in sleep-training older children as well as newborns, babies, and toddlers. They’re here to help, with blogs, tips, books, and eCourses that break down the most crucial sleep-training steps.

The Sleep Lady Shuffle

The Sleep Lady Shuffle is a one-of-a-kind sleep-training method that is described in full in the books and e-Course Gentle Sleep Solutions. The one-of-a-kind method is designed to teach your child a crucial life skill: how to fall asleep on their own.

The Sleep Lady Shuffle is all about responsive parenting, which includes striking a balance between comforting and allowing a kid to learn to comfort themselves as we sleep-train them. The Sleep Lady Shuffle, unlike other ways, requires you to respond to a cry. We can lessen stress on ourselves and our children by being present and emotionally available, allowing them to relax into sleeping and become solid sleepers for life.


The Sleep Lady review


The Sleep Lady review from customers

  • My son started sleeping through the night within a week of reading your book! When I told my pals I was reading a sleep training book, they scoffed. Everyone now wants to know how I accomplished it.
  • I’ve looked at a lot of sleep training methods and found yours to be the most developmentally appropriate, adjustable to each child’s needs, and the examples are fantastic for rushed parents! Thank you for taking such a pragmatic approach!
  • You rescued our entire family! When my husband and I were on the verge of losing our heads, you stepped in and helped us get our three children back on track. My husband and I, as well as the children, are happier than ever now that they are sleeping well (typically 12 hours a night for all three).

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