Test Kit Plus Review

Test Kit Plus provides drug information and substance test kits for the purpose of harm reduction. Read our Test Kit Plus review to find more information about Test Kit Plus’s test.

Essential Drug Test Kit (3-In-1 Bundle)

It’s better to screen your substances with more than one test. Proper screening is a multi-step process, which is why we recommend this bundle from Test Kit Plus if you can afford it.

Ecstasy (MDMA) Test Kit (Marquis Test): This is the main test kit for Molly/Ecstasy. It also screens for a wide range of other substances.

Ketamine/PMA Test (Mandelin Test): This kit detects the presence of ketamine, Molly/Ecstasy, as well as the dangerous compounds PMA and PMMA.

Mecke Test KitOpiate Test Kit (Mecke Test): This test produces distinct results with Ecstasy as well as DXM. It’s also a good test for opiates like heroin, morphine, and codeine.

Test Kit Plus review

How long does the testing liquid last before it expires?

Their reagents come in durable glass bottles. The testing liquid will last a long time (over 4 years) if you store it appropriately.


Store reagents at a cool temperature. A freezer is ideal. If that’s not possible, try storing at a consistent temperature in the range of 2°–22°C (36°–72°F).

Store the bottle upright.

Keep out of prolonged direct sunlight.

Replace caps immediately and tighten them carefully so that exposure to air and humidity is limited.

If you have more than one reagent, avoid switching bottle caps!

Their tests that come in glass ampoules should be stored at room temperature and are guaranteed for 3 years.

Test Kit Plus customer reviews

The test kit came very quickly, instructions are clear. Test your product and enjoy 🙂

The tests were very accurate when using MDMA salt, be careful of adulterants like BZP, Benzocaine, etc. It will indeed throw off the test.

The item is exactly as described and worked well for its intended purpose. I would definitely buy from TKP again. The transaction was smooth and shipping was fast.

I’m very happy with the product itself as well as with the shipment time and packaging. I highly recommend this vendor, and soon I will order again.

Test Kit Plus review

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