Hi guys, How are you going? Well, today I want to introduce about Kyberlight and a special product-Custom Lightsaber Knight Pack. Following this Kyberlight Review, get a suprise gift at the end of this post.

Kyberlight Review

You are a big fan of  Star Wars and engineering backgrounds? Engineering backgroundsis the best place for you. Kyberlight is the leading store creating the strongest, brightest and best custom lightsabers in the galaxy. Not only providing a high quality custom lightsaber, but also making affordable and quickly available for fans of all ages anywhere in the world.

In addition, Kyberlight offers a lifetime warranty for all Kyberlight Blades, as the result they will replace blade plus shipping for any reason. However returns on accessories are not allowed at Kyberlight. Beside, Kyberlight can assure the highest product along with competitive price by using Kyberlight coupon codes for all customers. They want to offer the very best in pricing and flexibility.

Custom Lightsaber Knight Pack Review

Kyberlight Review

Today, Kyberlight offers a specific products, it’s Custom Lightsaber Knight Pack with New Version 3 Board and Dual Sound Fonts. Thanks to all new Kyberlight custom lightsaber KNIGHT package, you will get over 100 unique customizable combinations. In addition, you can get more offer from this store like basic custom accessories, lifetime warranty, 20 built-in color options, built-in sound effects, re-chargeable battery, aerospace grade aluminum hilt design.

  • Colors & Brightness: Using cutting-edge and proprietary LED technology, allowing you toggle between 20 built-in colors with the simple button from red to blue to purple to green to yellow,..
  • Indestructible Fighting Blade: The Kyberlight saber blade is made from a proprietary plastic blend with sleek and futuristic design creating fully fightable and built to last.
  • Rich Sound Effects: They uses a proprietary sound board creating the rich quality sound effects including Flash on Clash feature. Beside, you can mute the sound and the Flash on Clash feature depending on your demand. With high quality sound system for create the ultimate custom lightsaber fighting experience
  • Hilt Customization: Customing from 7075 aircraft grade aluminum. Kyberlight provides various accessory bundles so you have countless custom combinations to choose.
  • Affordability: Not only providing the highest quality custom lightsaber, but also giving the most affordable and accessible. For only $199, you will get the amazing item, however you will get more discount with Kyberlight coupon codes.


  • 7075 Aerospace Grade Aluminum
  • 12 W + LED with a Quad Core
  • Proprietary LED Driver
  • Proprietary Custom Sound Board
  • 32″ Kyberlight saber blade is made from a proprietary plastic blend that allows flexibility and extreme strength
  • Re-chargable battery and charger included
  • Tool kit included (wrench and extra set screws)

Kyberlight Review

Custom Accessories Included

  • Dark Flare Top Piece
  • Dark Adaptation Middle Sleeve
  • Nova Pommel Piece

Customization Instructions

  • Changing top piece, remove set screw and slide off.
  • Creating sleeve, removing set screw at the bottom and the covertec wheel and then sliding upward.
  • Removing the pommel piece, twist counter clockwise.
  • Having lots of choice for colors with simply press.

Charging Instructions

Plug the charger into the charging port with approximately 2 hours. When the LED on the charger turns from red to green, it means that this device is ready to use.

Note: Turn off this device during charging process.

Why choose Kyberlight?

– Experiencing thousands of mix and match custom options.

– Enjoy lifetime warranty on Blade.

– Having 20 built-in colors.

– Owning brightest LED technology

– Providing ultimate sound.

– Giving absolute best pricing

In conclusion, if you want to get a Custom Lightsaber Knight Pack, let’s take advantages from these below Kyberlight coupon codes. Thanks for your reading this Kyberlight Review!

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