RotoMetals Review – Protect Your Roof With Zinc Armor

RotoMetals review - Zinc for Roof

RotoMetals Review: You don’t want to see stains and moss appearing on your roof. The most reasonable option for you is to use Zinc Armor. Read this Rotometals review to find out more.

Why Choose Zinc To Protect Roof?

RotoMetals Zinc Armor
RotoMetals Zinc Armor

Wood or asphalt shingles are only able to protect your roof for a short time. That’s because if the roof is damp, moss still can grow on it. Apart from dirtying your roof, moss and other types of dirt will also damage the roof. In fact, they shorten the life of the roof covering, or even make the roof leak.

The way Zinc Armor works is very different from the above materials. When the rain falls, it rolls over the metal in the strip. The water makes tiny metal particles covering the roof. The special thing is the metal is poisonous to moss.

Therefore, moss will gradually wither, die and fall off the roof. The same thing happens with algae, lichen, fungus, mold, and other simple plant life.

You should place the Zinc Armor at the ridges of your roof. In addition, people also often install zinc along the hips or under courses of shingles. In this way, the rainwater easily washes zinc down the roof. Its shelf life is usually 5 years or even longer.

Where To Buy Zinc Armor

Rotometals is an expert in the field of nonferrous metals and alloys. They even have zinc roofing projects. Therefore, it will be a great place to buy your house’s armor.

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This family-owned company first opened in 1939. Today, their headquarters is in San Francisco Bay Area. They also have a 20,000-square-foot factory in Northern California.

Besides, they have 8 fulfillment centers which are scattered all over the USA. According to my research, it has more than 70 years of experience and knowledge of the zinc anode industry.

RotoMetals products
RotoMetals products

Moreover, they are famous for making the best anode. The company only uses the purest alloys available. Therefore, you can totally trust the quality of their products.

For example, the effects of electrolysis can’t damage their anode. It’s because they use MIL-A-18001k spec to make all of the anodes. This may sound unbelievable but it is completely true.

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