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Remote Chess Academy Review: Blaise Pascal once said that “Chess is the gymnasium of the mind”. So, if you want to be the winner in chess or other activities, you can read this Remote Chess Academy review.

Why Choose Remote Chess Academy?

Remote Chess Academy not only teaches you the way to become a chess champion but also develops your mental power.

Why Play Chess - Remote Chess Academy review
Why Play Chess – Remote Chess Academy review

In fact, they consider this intellectual sport as a hidden gem that can be used to complete a man. In other words, playing chess makes us wiser and clear-sighted. This is the special method to help us achieve success in life.

However, every chess master was once a beginner. Therefore, you will need a strategic plan to become a winner. That’s why Remote Chess Academy was created.

The online store offers a variety of chess courses and tutorials at affordable prices. Especially, new users can get a Free course that includes 6 lessons. Just click the deal below.

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The Secret To Victory

All of the courses work out specific plans for players’ overall chess progress. These plans are based on 3 main principles. They are Intellectual Sport, Improvement Success, and Igor Smirnov’s method.

Firstly, chess is an intellectual sport that can sharpen your mind. So, you can use chess as a tool for self-improvement. Secondly, Remote Chess Academy focuses on results instead of processes. Therefore, they provide players with practical skills which are useful in every chess battle.

Igor Smirnov’s Secret - Remote Chess Academy review
Igor Smirnov’s Secret – Remote Chess Academy review

The final principle is following Igor Smirnov’s method. This man is the CEO of Remote Chess Academy. Only 5 years later, he achieved the title of International Master.

With years of experience, he knows exactly how to make real progress. Then, he decided to share his special way of training with others through Remote Chess Academy’s courses.

Remote Chess Academy Review

In addition, wherever you’re, as long as you like playing chess, Remote Chess Academy will support you. They have organized many training courses for enthusiastic chess fans all over the world. You can read the feedback from some of the students here:

GM Jaan Ehlvest (USA): I myself used some of the materials presented by Igor on YouTube and I was a very satisfied customer. He gives good examples using unconsciously the induction and deduction methods in chess.

Keith MacKinnon (Canada): Recently, I won a qualification tournament for a GM round-robin (the first in my life) with GM norm chances thanks to “The Grandmaster’s Secrets” course.

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