Orthomen offers top quality orthopedic braces and supports. Orthomen AFO Brace is one of their most successful products in reducing pain and increasing ankle stability. Let’s find out why it is rated 5 stars by so many customers.

What is Orthomen AFO Brace?

What is Orthomen AFO Brace
What is Orthomen AFO Brace

It’s a foot drop splint for people with reduced ability to lift their legs. This condition occurs due to the user having a stroke, paralysis of the sciatic nerve, or other neurological disease. So, they can use AFO Brace to provide static or dynamic support for their front leg muscles.

4 Advantages of AFO Brace

Advantages of Orthomen AFO Brace
Advantages of Orthomen AFO Brace

1.      Light Weight

Professional designers used injection-molded polypropylene to make this AFO Leaf Spring splint. This is a tough yet flexible material. Besides, it has strong chemical corrosion resistance. Therefore, the drop foot brace is lightweight and durable. As you walk, it provides flex support to correct foot drop.

2.      Convenient Design

The highlight of Orthomen AFO Brace is the absence of a heel section. In particular, the manufacturer changes the thickness of the AFO according to each part of the leg. For example, the vertical edge of this product will be thicker to increase stiffness. Meanwhile, the footpad is thinner for easy trimming.

Thanks to this unique design, heel irritation will not occur. So, users are free to choose any type of shoe they want. In addition, they can edit the foot drop splint with scissors to make it more suitable for their feet.

3.      Various Sizes

This product has 4 sizes, including S, M, L, XL. Whether you are tall or short, male or female, you can use it. Below is a detailed summary of AFO Brace sizes.

Orthomen AFO Brace Sizes
Orthomen AFO Brace Sizes

4.      Reasonable Price

The original price of this product is $48.99. However, Orthomen is running a storewide sale. If you order a foot drop splint now, you have a chance to buy it for only $34.79, almost 30% off the original price. Especially, you can use this Orthomen discount code at checkout to save another 10%.

10% OFF

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