Netim is a global registrar owning over 100,000 domain names. They offer 5-star web hosting services, online control panel, SSL certificates and more. In this Netim review, I’ll show you why many users are satisfied with their services.

What Is Netim?

What Is Netim Review
What Is Netim Review

A team of experts in the field of information technology founded Netim in 2004. Initially, the company’s target was the French-speaking market. As soon as it captured this market, the company quickly upgraded its services to go further. As a result, they successfully introduced their services to the European market in 2006.

2009 is an extremely important milestone for Netim. Firstly, they started offering their high quality domain registration and management services. Secondly, they are recognized as a real domain name registrar by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

This company is currently providing a lot of top-notch services to users around the world. For example, you can enjoy domain name registration, Email solution, SSL certificates, DNS Anycast service, etc.

Most of Netim’s services have received good feedback from customers. On the Trustpilot site, the company is rated “Excellent” with over 1,507 reviews. In the next part of this Netim review, I will show why they get almost 5 stars for their products.

Reasons To Choose Netim

Reasons To Choose Netim Review
Reasons To Choose Netim Review

Simple & Effective Service

In a competitive market, suppliers race to push the prices of their products to the lowest possible level. However, this also means the service quality is purposefully forgotten.

Netim doesn’t work that way. They focus on customer satisfaction. Therefore, every product is sold at a reasonable price so as not to compromise the quality. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money. Hotreview4u will offer some incentives for you. (Read the price section)

In addition, this company never takes advantage of the domain name to sell other services or its customer files. They are extremely transparent in managing their client’s domain portfolio. So, you can rest assured when using any of their services.

Netim Review: Pricing

As mentioned above, Netim provides 5-star services at an appropriate price. The company does not use tricks to entice customers to buy their products.

First of all, you won’t see psychological prices like €9.99. Next, you don’t need to pay extra for any hidden fees. Besides, customers can buy services of Netim even though they use the domain name of another company.

Finally, you are allowed to use these Netim coupon codes to save money.

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