Makerfire Review – 3 Notable Things Before Buying a Makerfire Drone

Makerfire review

Makerfire Review: If you love technology, and love travel exploration activities, you will certainly not be able to ignore Drone or Flycam models. Makerfire is a good place for beginners providing cheap-priced drones to choose from. In the first Makerfire review post, I will point out 3 things you should consider carefully before buying a drone there. So you will choose the best, most suitable models for you.

Firstly, think of the price and your demand

Determining your budget and your actual needs is very important. Drone has many different price segments, but there are main segments as follows:

The drone is cheap, and quite compact. Currently, these drones are also equipped with many new features. The price is from 50 to 100 USD.

Mid-range drone, with cameras from HD to full HD. The price is from $100 USD to $250 USD.

High-end drone, a product with many devices, supporting sensor system, along with control range, long flight time… The price is over $250

Makerfire offers many drones with the price just going around $100 to enjoy.



Identify 4 basic factors to choose to buy a Drone

  • Control range: Depending on the price, the control range of a drone can range from 30 meters to thousands of meters. 7 km is the longest range currently available.
  • Flight time: This is a very important factor to be taken care of. Common flight times are from 8 minutes for mini drones, 14-15 minutes for mid-range drones, and 20-25 minutes for high-end drones. Of course, the longer the flight time, the more expensive it will be
  • Camera: Depending on the needs of filming and taking photos, you should choose an airplane with different cameras. Most of today’s drones are equipped with cameras from 480p – mHD to 720p – HD, 1060 – FullHD, and 4K – UltraHD.
  • Support features: Current drones are fully equipped with maximum support features for new players such as automatic altitude hold, automatic take-off, landing, and automatic return, … those are the features commonly found in low-cost and mid-range drones. At a higher price, the drone is also equipped with a GPS navigation system. Even higher is the system of sensors such as avoiding obstacles, and automatically tracking people to take pictures.

Should a beginner choose a high-end drone?

Many support features make it difficult for users to get used to the movement of the aircraft, leading to cases of incidents, that players cannot handle correctly, leading to quite large damage.

Therefore, if you are a newbie to drones, you should start with mid-range, low-cost drones, to get used to the movement of the aircraft and common situations.

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Makerfire Drones review


  • Easy to use with easy-to-understand instructions and comprehensive quality control
  • Makerfire drones have a compact design, so you can put them in your backpack and easily take them out to play.
  • The price is so good to enjoy, along with a great discount of up to 30% off.
  • Makerfire also provides the best support and service for shipping and returning.

Finally, if you decide to make a purchase there, let’s use the Makerfire coupon codes in this Makerfire review to save as much as possible.


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