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Monkey Fist Survival review

Monkey Fist Survival Review: Do you want to find a place providing the most unique and useful outdoor and urban survival products? You will surely feel safe wherever you go with the Monkey Fist Survival’s self-protection tool. Read the Monkey Fist Survival review to find more information.

Monkey Fist Self-Defense Keychain

Do you ever feel dangerous while walking to your car late at night, strolling through an alley, or running? The Monkey Fist Survival Self-Defense Keychain is just what you’re looking for.

The monkey fist keychain, made with a 1-inch steel ball concealed within 12 feet of handy paracord rope, fits snuggly in your purse or pocket, creating an element of surprise. It appears to be a harmless keychain at first glance.

However, it has enough force to leave a bruise, distracting your opponent long enough for you to go. You no longer have to be concerned about your safety.

Monkey Fist Survival Bracelet

There’s no better way to go on an adventure than with all of the necessary instruments on your wrist. The Monkey Fist Survival Bracelet will help you.

The whistle produces a sound that travels far and wide, making it ideal for use as an emergency signal. The heavy-duty paracord comes in handy when you need to tie things together and keep them in place.

Are you worried about losing your sense of direction in the woods? The waterproof compass will keep you in control of your navigation. Besides, the fire starter and the small stealth knife are both capable of starting fires and cutting through objects.


Monkey Fist Survival review


Monkey Fist Survival review from customers

  • It’s of good quality and robust construction, and the final bit, right before the ball, adds to its potency. The seller is fantastic; he genuinely cares about his customers and comes highly recommended.
  • I chose the green monkey fist in camouflage. It arrived quickly, and I am very happy with the quality. I’m hoping I’ll never have to use it, but it’s convenient to have on hand. I’m definitely going to order another one.
  • These keychains are so cool that I ordered a dozen for my self-defense class participants! I hope I never have to use one, but knowing it’s on my keychain means I’ll never run out of spray, batteries, or other essentials.

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