Life Energy Solutions offers a lot of healing and protective tools. They specialize in EMF products, including EMF Pendants, EMF Protection Jeweler.

It is truly a good choice for you whether you have disturbed energy in your home, a problem with EMF, stress, trouble sleeping and night terrors. Read our review to know more!

EMF products of Life Energy Designs
EMF products of Life Energy Designs

Life Energy Solutions – EMF protection

Today, many people spend too much time with their devices, leading to the blue light health issues and social media addiction. EMF is certainly affecting our health more than anything else. Therefore, your overall health and wellness goals should include EMF protection.

What Is EMF?

An electromagnetic field (also EMF or EM field) is a physical field produced by electrically charged objects. An electromagnetic field, sometimes called radiation, is physical, even though our eyes cannot see it and our ears cannot hear it. It occurs when an electric field and a magnetic field are perpendicular to each other. EMF is created from electrically charged objects – like the sun, like you, like your cell phone.

Life Energy Designs - POWER
Life Energy Designs – POWER

Types Of EMF

Natural EMF

Think about the phenomenon of a compass always pointing north. This is due to magnetic fields all around us. Thunderstorms produce electric charges. The sun produces EMFs and so do our bodies. These are considered to be “low intensity” EMFs.

Human-Made EMF

“Artificial” electromagnetic fields include electricity in power sockets, TV antennas, radio, cell phones, infrared saunas, Wi-Fi, x-rays, and microwaves – anything that wasn’t already around in nature before humans showed up. These are considered more intense, and they’re what we will focus on with our EMF protection steps.

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