Liberty Classroom provides various lessons on liberalism and free – market economics. It’s a great place to learn how to win any political or economic debate. Read our Liberty Classroom review to know more.

Liberty Classroom Review

“Abundant” Lessons & Lectures

Many Lessons & Lectures - Liberty Classroom review
Many Lessons & Lectures – Liberty Classroom review

The website has the largest and most expertly researched and written collections of audio and video lessons and lectures.

Firstly, their library includes 30 lectures on conservatism and liberalism. Secondly, they also have 59 lectures on the history of political thought. Besides, there are 31 lectures on what’s wrong with textbook economics. Moreover, you can find 20 lectures on logic and much more lectures on other fields.

All of them are about libertarian ideas and free-market economics. They will offer the facts, figures, and other essential information you need in a politics or economics argument. Each month, you can approach stimulating, though-provoking lectures and discussions. They show you in-depth knowledge about liberalism, capitalism, and free-market economics.

Apart from dozens of audio and video lectures, they also provide recommended reading lists. These are for people who want to explore topics more in depth.

Convenient Learning Method

Learning Method - Liberty Classroom Review
Learning Method – Liberty Classroom Review

You just need 30 to 55 minutes for each lecture of Liberty Classroom. A lecture is now available as an mp3 audio file. Therefore, you can download any lesson to your iPod or iPad. Moreover, many people use the Liberty Classroom app (for both iPhone and Android) to access these lectures.

With this convenient learning method, you’re able to join in any online class every time and everywhere. For example, you can learn about liberalism and economy while doing household chores or driving your car.

In addition to audio lectures, the website also has many video lectures. Therefore, you can watch the professors teaching on your screen with Power Points and other visuals.

Cheap Price

With only less than $8 a month, you can get your membership in Liberty Classroom. Then, you will have access to all current courses. Besides, the website also adds some additional courses during your subscription period.

If you want to become a libertarian scholar, they have 3 levels of membership for you to choose.

  • A Basic membership: $89/year.
  • A Basic Plus membership: $119/year.
  • A Master membership: $497 for lifetime access, plus exclusive 435 audio/video lessons on government and history.

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