Home School in the Woods Review

What better way to make learning fun than with hands-on activities! Choose from a variety of projects as well as amazing hands-on resources at Home School in the Woods. You can find more useful information at our Home School in the Woods Review.

Who is Home School in the Woods?

Founded in 2002, Home School in the Woods provides hands-on resources to help teach history in a more engaging way, from lap books and note booking pages to 3D projects. At Home School in the Woods, their focus is history and their desire is to ignite in children a passion for learning that will follow them right out of school and into the rest of their lives. Nothing engages a child in the learning experience like hands-on activities! History should never be a boring subject–there’s far too much of it to enjoy! You can see some interesting products Home School in the Woods at below.

Home School in the Woods Review
A great resource for your homeschool

The best-selling products

  • Project Passport: Ancient Rome

You can take a trip through history and discover cultures at another era of time with hands-on projects and activities that drive the lessons home in a fun way! It Includes 25 “Stops” that can spread across 8-12 weeks, where you will witness exciting events and meet interesting people of Ancient Rome. Topics include: kings and legends of early Rome, the Roman Republic, the rise and fall of an Empire, the beginnings of Christianity, and much more!

  • ALC-1065: Ancient Rome Timeline

A timeline will help keep all of the information as well-organized as the Roman roads! This scrapbook style timeline of Ancient Rome comes with figures, predated lines, and a teacher’s key. All you need to do is print, cut, and glue, and soon you’ll understand the order of events from Romulus and Remus right on down to the last days of the Roman Empire!

  • ALC-1064: World History Newspaper Collection

You can learn your history through the headlines, from the ancient days of the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans on to the knights of the middle Ages. With the World History creative writing newspaper collection, you can have your students review their world history studies while practicing their creative writing skills at the same time! The five very full newspapers included in this master collection provide article and advertisement headlines from the eras.

Visit their website at homeschoolinthewoods.com to get futher information

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