We all know the fact that the light from phone and laptops screens are destroying our eyes but we all ignore it and we continue to expose our eyes to the blue light.

However, the constant negligence then leads to a number of other serious vision complications and even becomes so severe that it causes vision loss.

Now, obviously you can’t stop using these screens as it is possible the nature of your work requires you to work on your phone and tablet all day. But with Iris Tech review, this problem can be solved.

Iris Tech Review – What is Iris?

Iris is a program created by a young Bulgarian programmer named Daniel Georgiev. Daniel started the program in 2015 at the age of 19, with a dream to help people be healthier using computers. Now, he has over a million users in a hundred and eighty different countries.

Iris Tech Review

Iris’ main function is to change the wavelength of light emulating from your computer to limit your exposure to blue light throughout the day evening while replacing it with soothing red light that is easy on our eyes.

Its secondary function is to act as a timer that helps encourage you to  stand up from the computer, look at distant objects to reduce eye strain and move around a number to stay healthy.

Let’s see what the main feature of Iris is in the next part of this Iris Tech review.

Visit their website at www.iristech.co


In Iris, there are three different modes in which you can run Iris through, automatically, manually, and paused.

Automatic Mode

With automatic mode, the program uses your computer clock and location to adjust the amount of blue and red light you receive during the day. During the daytime, your computer screen should be relatively bright, accepting low levels of blue light and a healthy dose of red light.

As evening approaches, the program will make the screen darker and darker, significantly reducing the amount of blue light emitted from your computer while increasing the amount of red light you receive. This will help your body and mind relaxes and promotes melatonin production for sleeping.

Manual Mode

Switching to manual mode will cause Iris to pause the daylight transition and leave the color and program at night settings, reducing brightness and blue light drastically. It is easy on the eyes and makes my screen look bright and warm.

Paused Mode

Activating the paused mode will completely disable Iris functions, turn off any and all light filters, and return the computer to a normal blue light level.

When paused, the Iris icon on your bar will switch from green to yellow and remain there until the pause mode is disabled.


With the Iris program, you will receive eleven different types of monitors, each serving many different functions. From top to bottom, are the different types of monitors in the order in which they appear in the list below.

Iris Tech Review


This is Iris’s default mode and is the mode I use the most. It is made to the standards recommended by eye doctors to absorb blue and red light in a healthy way.


This mode has absolutely no blue and green lights, leaving the screen in black and dark red. I would say it is best used when working at night as it does not affect your melatonin production, sleep cycle or relaxation.

Game play

Not entirely sure how this mode works. But I think it just removes all the blue light filters from the screen and leaves all bright colors in your gaming experience.


This setting removes all colors from your screen except black, white, and grayscale, causing your display to greyscale.


Set up programming to completely reverse the color spectrum on your computer. If you want black theme when browsing the Internet, this setting is for you.

Bio Hacker

Bio Hacker combines the color inversion of the Program setting and the red light of the Sleep setting to create an inverted color setting with no blue and green light.

Iris Tech Review


Sunglasses settings are designed for people who prefer to use blue light blocking glasses instead of the Iris program. It basically works like sunglasses. It only slightly reduces blue light and only at night, the rest depends on your glasses instead.


Dark mode reduces the amount of light it produces on the edges of your computer screen, leaving the center brightest. It is useful for reducing the amount of light emitted by your computer while maintaining high levels of brightness.


Movie settings are basically the same as gaming setups, but slightly brighter. This setting disables the regular Iris color changing functions and increases the computer screen brightness by 120%.


Overlay settings made for computers that do not allow any low-level or any color to change. It’s a very simple mode and just puts a red overlay on the screen.


In the end, a custom installation is the most complex one. By enabling advanced options, you can change many variables in the Iris program to manipulate functions such as the amount of blue light you receive, screen brightness, saturation, color scheme and more.

Iris Tech Review Conclusion

That concludes my Iris Tech review. I have to say; I am very satisfied with this program.

Clearly, excess blue light from your computer screen can be a serious threat to your biological health. Fortunately, the Iris software can eliminate virtually all risks through its innovative approach.

I use it on all of my computers and encourage you to do the same. In my opinion, the Iris program is a big leap in the right direction.

If you want to try out this program, you can find out more right here.

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