FSU – Non-Stim Pump Pre is a low-cost strength, endurance product that is extremely effective with more than 10 diverse ingredients. Read our Inspired Nutraceuticals reviews to learn more about this product.

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FSU is a product to increase strength, endurance, helps you awake instantly, and improve performance at the gym. The product comes from Inspired Nutraceuticals. The store offers a formula completely superior to today’s conventional strength-boosting products. FSU, Inspired Nutraceuticals’ latest Non-Stim Pre, will keep you locked in and ready to go for your workout without the use of stims.

FSU is a cutting-edge Stim-Free pre with a base for pumps like Citrulline and Arginine Nitrate, power components such as creatine monohydrate and beta-alanine, and focal components such as Lion’s Mane and Neurofactor.

Key Advantages

  • Firstly, Stimulant-free formula improves concentration
  • Secondly, acuity without the use of stimulants.
  • Thirdly, Increase power and training endurance

The main ingredients of FSU Pre-workout

FSU Pre Workout with the basic ingredients but high content sets the standard of current power boost with

Inspired Nutraceuticals reviews - FSU ingredients


Potassium 25mg, sodium 73mg, calcium 12mg, and magnesium 2mg in each spoon. Those ingredients are essential before workouts to ensure proper hydration and optimize work capacity. Thus, they play an important role in cellular energy production

L-Citrulline 2000mg

L-Citrulline is a free-form amino acid that increases ornithine and arginine plasma content in the blood, enhancing nitric oxide and blood flow. Besides, Citrulline is more effective than arginine in blood flow. Moreover,  it helps to increase the ability to pump blood and transport nutrients.

Arginine Nitrate helps in the development of nitric oxide and increases vasodilation. In particular, it is an important amino acid that aids in blood circulation.

Horny Goat Weed – only 100mg

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) widely uses horny goat weed as an aphrodisiac.  However, it can also help with cognitive function and cardiovascular health in sports.

In each spoon, FSU contains 1500 mg of Creatine Monohydrate.  Creatine is a naturally occurring material in the body and stored as phosphocreatine in the form of high-energy phosphate groups. Moreover, phosphocreatine releases energy (ATP) to maintain cellular function during stress time.

Betaine Anhydrous

The performance-enhancing compound betaine anhydrous (also known as trimethylglycine) is widely used. Increased power production has been related to betaine. Besides, it can also help to lower homocysteine levels, an amino acid that can stifle muscle growth and fat loss.

Inspired Nutraceuticals reviews - FSU ingredients

Potassium Glycerophosphate 

Potassium is a mineral found in many foods. Glycerophosphate is an electrolyte that aids in the prevention of fatigue during exercise. Moreover, Potassium is important for hydration, muscle contraction, and the conversion of glycogen to glucose for energy production.

Sodium Glycerophosphate

Sodium Glycerophosphate is an electrolyte that will help you gain energy and boost your athletic results.

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt is rich in 84 minerals that aid athletic success.  Moreover, now Inspired Nutraceuticals also focuses on L-tyrosine and Lion’s Mane Mushroom to improve mood, minimize stress, and improve cognitive performance.


AquaminTM is a seaweed-based supplement that contains bioactive calcium, magnesium, and 72 other trace minerals. Meanwhile, the electrolytes in AquaminTM absorb more quickly than those in other electrolyte supplements. Because they come from a natural source.

Besides, there are a large number of studies proving that it helps with overall absorption and replenishes lost essential minerals during training.

Inspired Nutraceuticals FSU review

Inspired Nutraceuticals reviews -2


FSU is an effective pump powder that has great focus, endurance, strength, and power output. So, if you work out late at night or just need to take a break from caffeine, this is the winner.


There are two flavors  including

  • Orange County (Tangy Orange)
  • Sour Yummies (Sour Gummy Candy

So, it is easy and tasty to drink.


Only $44.95 for a box.  It’s cheaper than a kind of pre-workout supplement that I reviewed on Hotreview, Alphalion Superhuman supplement. But, in our Inspired Nutraceuticals reviews, you can enjoy Inspired Nutraceuticals coupon codes to save on your bill.

Finally, FSU pre-workout supplement is one of the best-seller products at Inspired Nutraceuticals and receives many good reviews from customers.  So, why don’t you try one now to increase strength in bodybuilding?

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