Halo Board is an innovative tech company that focuses on providing customer top quality electronics. They focus on creating the dreams of what many have wanted to see come to real life. Read our Halo Board review to find more information.

Why should you choose The Halo Board Beast?

  • Safe battery

The Halo Board Beast comes equipped with Certified Firesafe Batteries for safe and reliable rides.

  • Regenerative brakes

The high-performance Halo Regenerative Brake system recharges your batteries to help take you further than you thought possible on a single charge!

  • Super-smooth rides

All this power needs superior control. Halo Board’s upgraded Torque Management acceleration and braking algorithm ensure you always have a buttery smooth ride.

  • Low profile design

Only 4.5″ tall! Everything about the Halo Board Beast was designed to keep you as low to the ground as possible. Therefore, you can enjoy the ultimate handling and carving experience on a longboard.

  • LCD multi-mode remote

The Halo Board Beast comes with newly redesigned, ergonomic, LCD Multi-Mode Remote. It comes with cruise control and allows you to switch between 3-speed modes. So you can learn to ride, cruise, or unleash the beast!

Halo Board review

What is Halo Rover?

The Halo Rover collection is for people looking for the most awesome rides possible on or off the road!

Made of durable high-grade aluminum with added wheel guards for protection, this hover board is all about strength. It can handle a weight capacity of 265 pounds, travel an average distance of 10 miles per charge, and climb hills with an incline of 18-20 degrees.

Plus, it’s packed with the latest technology — including Halo Bluetooth speakers that let you listen to your favorite music while you ride.

For added safety and visibility in traffic, the Halo Rover comes complete with LED lights. And with built-in self-balancing technology, you’ll be hooked on its extra smooth ride from the moment you try it!

Halo Board review

Halo Board Review from customers

  • Wanted something with power. Something with speed. Something with torque. This beast does not disappoint!
  • Love this board/over 200 miles and counting and gets better every ride, Sunday morning sesh, no better way to start the day.
  • We all ride it and we all love it. Inside, outside, on-road and off. We love going on road trips with these and riding around everywhere.
  • This board is the envy of all my friends with hoverboards. The Bluetooth speakers really put it over the top.
  • Love my all-terrain wheels as I got both black and the clear. The clear is killer, especially at night with led under deck lighting!

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