Do you want to style their strands without damaging them? GlamPalm will be a good choice for you. With a large variety of products to choose from, you are guaranteed to find the perfect tool for your hair type and styling needs. Read the GlamPalm review to find more information.

Why should you choose GlamPalm?

GlamPalm is pioneers in the hairstyling industry and is dedicated to giving customers the highest quality products. GlamPalm’s success is due to its unique and patented product features that cannot be duplicated by other manufacturers.

GlamPalm’s cutting-edge technology ensures that consumers will achieve the desired results in one usage.

Quick heating GlamPalm stylers reach up to 450° within seconds.  No longer will you waste time waiting for your straightener or curling iron to warm up.

Their Vibrato straightener’s vibrating technology massages the strands hastening the transfer of heat from the tool to your hair.


GlamPalm review


Glampalm features

  • Healing stone technology

Healing Stone is known for promoting overall health benefits. It can help to make for the smoothest, most efficient heat styling without any pulling or snagging.

  • One-touch controls

When using our Simpletouch irons, simply tap the plates together to turn on and off and adjust the temperature.

  • Ceramic plates

They infuse and coat their plates with automated machines in a vacuum-sealed chamber for a perfectly smooth, even finish.  This allows products to move swiftly and smoothly through the hair for fast styling at a lower heat. 

  • 3D swivel cord

Because their swivel cord allows for 3-D mobility by mounting 360° rotation on a ball bearing, the wiring will always stay like-new.

  • Vibrating technology

Our Vibrato model utilizes cutting edge technology and massages heat into the hair by way of 8,000 vibrations per minute. Therefore, perfectly straight hair in just one swipe.

  • Lower temperature treatment

The Vibrato model includes a low-temperature treatment mode to keep your hair healthy while styling. 

Can Glampalm styling irons make waves and curls?

Yes! The styling irons can make a variety of curls, waves, and textures depending on the model. The exact shape will depend on:

  • Ceramic plate width
  • The shape of the ceramic plate
  • The shape of the barrel

Explore and find your own unique style with the line of Glampalm styling irons.


GlamPalm review


How Galmpalm styling irons should be cared for?

Always unplug the styling iron after use.

Clean the plates of any residue, use the heat resistant cap to protect your styling iron from physical damage.

Wrap the cord using the cable tie to avoid wearing out the cord.

Why should you use the GlamPalm coupon?

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