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Getjoan review: I used to feel so upset with meeting room management in my company. It wasted time to book a meeting room and disorderly management. It sucked. Until Getjoan comes, everything has changed. So I think I have to introduce this smart device to everyone who experienced bad things about booking a meeting room like me. Read through this Getjoan review to know more.

4 common problems with booking meeting rooms

The meeting room is where managers and employees meet the others for a new project plan or to allocate the flow of work. That’s why it is vital to both small businesses to corporations.

However, many of us don’t use the meeting room efficiently, and here are 4 common problems people always have to deal with

Waste time booking

Due to an old procedure, it takes time for a meeting room manager to free up the room and schedule the meeting and wait for approval from the boss.

There is a study showing that employees take about 50% of the required time to arrange a meeting room, just to make sure of its availability. Are you in this situation too? Keep on reading and we will have a solution at the end.

Logistical errors

Outdated paper-booking methods and spreadsheets can’t track the room availability and employee presence for each room efficiently. This problem is worse for companies which have multi-floor offices and many buildings.

Synchronization issues can lead to cancellations

Project Delays

Problem 2 can lead to problem #3. If we don’t have enough information on all rooms, attendees, ongoing meetings, and organizers, we easily get logistical mistakes and make lower morale in the work environment.

Inefficient use of space

 Don’t have enough information about the meeting room leads to inefficient use of space. Maybe, you have booked a too-small room to hold all attendees or maybe you get a too big room for a small meeting.

We never want these problems but they still happen due to the old procedure. To solve it, let’s take advantage of Meeting Room Booking Software

getjoan review

Getjoan review- a smart meeting room booker

Joan is a small and smart device stuck on the wall and helps you to book a meeting remotely.

You can keep track of scheduled meetings all on devices.

Joan integrates with your Exchange, G Suite, Office 365, and iCalendar calendars with a full capacitive touch screen interface.

Unlike Ipads, people can’t take abuse to play a game or something because Joan only focuses on booking and managing meeting room features.

It’s easy to install and easy to use this device because Joan is easily attachable to any surface without the cables. You can connect it to wifi networks to use.

What’s more, Joan is fuel saving, the screen only uses 1% off power and can last for 3 months for the next charge.

Reduce real estate costs and enhance productivity.

 Make informed decisions with Joan’s Room Analytics.

Main products and Prices

At GetJoan, you can choose products that fit your need.

Joan Home

Joan Home is a new special offer. You can’t miss out on this product because it helps you during those quarantine days.

Working from home sometimes is so much stress when you are bothered to buy your kids and other people. Therefore, Joan Home is perfect for your home office. It can show your availability and make sure no one disrupts your meetings and deep work sessions.

The product has a price of €249.00

Getjoan review


Joan 6 review

This product is ideal for the management of meeting rooms, huddle spaces, and workstations. You can book the room remotely or on the spot.

Meet later function allows you to choose a later time and shows you free time slots.

Sounds interesting to get Joan 6 to your company. The Joan 6 has a price of €549.00

getjoan review


Joan 13 review

Perfect for large conference rooms, boardrooms, lobbies, and everywhere else. With this device, you can check the meeting name, time, and organizer for the current and next meeting. So you don’t have to worry about the wrong attendance.

Joan 13 has a price of €899.00 which is a little bit expensive. So it is more suitable for big companies to manage many meeting rooms and lobbies.

Though Getjoan hasn’t offered the coupon code yet, we surely update it asap whenever it runs a promotion in this Getjoan review

getjoan review


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