3D.sk Review – Photos For Making 3D Characters

Photo Reference for Artists - 3D.sk

3D.sk review: If you are short of ideas to make your own 3D characters, 3D.sk can help you. They provide a huge source of hi res human and animal photo references. Read our 3D.sk review to know more.

3D.sk Review For New Users

Why choose 3D.sk?

Photo Reference for Artists - 3D.sk
Photo Reference for Artists – 3D.sk

First, this store has the biggest online photo references. At their website, you will see up to 679,000 photos from real models. All of them can be used to model and texture any 3D character. Therefore, whether you’re a 3D artist or a game developer, they always have what you’re looking for.

This wide range of photo reference is for artists. In fact, they have drawing, 3D modeling and texture photo reference. Moreover, you can buy figure drawing, environment textures and 3D scans.

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In their online source, there are both real and authentic human and animal photos. You may think it takes a lot of time to find a photo that meets your requirement. However, the store allows you to choose different details to build your character. By that way, you’re able to save your time and effort.

For example, you can use their search engine to change age, gender, clothes and even the emotion of your 3D character. Besides, it’s really easy to choose the content type, 3D assets, poses and other details. Apart from photos, 3D.sk also offers videos of characters performing various actions.

Price & Discounts

Price For Photo Reference - 3D.sk review
Price For Photo Reference – 3D.sk review

This online shop only uses the subscription/credit system for payment. That means they won’t accept direct purchases of photos.

If you sign up for their membership, you will have access for more than 513,006 Hi-Res photos. There is also the premium content which is available only to premium members.

Each photo typically costs 1 credit. You can scan cost anywhere from 4 to 60+ credits, depending on the quality. However, there’re some special ways to gain discounts. One of the fastest methods is using our 3D.sk coupon codes from this 3D.sk review.

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