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WordPress Google Analytics Plugin: Are you in need of a WordPress google analytics plugin to save time in tracking your blog performance? You are at the right place here. Read my Analytify review to discover a new plugin for google analytics on WordPress.

Get google analytics into WordPress easier than ever

In the process of website management, analyzing the data of the website is very important. It helps us not only to understand the website trending but also to make our website optimization plan better.

 To be able to track website data, you need to have an online website analytics tool for you to track data in real time. Google Analytics is the most common tool to do the task.

Some people are too lazy to turn on Google Analytics to track. Some see it hard and complicated to track. Forget all of those problems because we have Analytify here to get Google Analytics into WordPress.

Analytify review wordpress google analytics plugin

Analytify features

Luckily, Analytify has all Google Analytics features and provides you with important data.

Real-time statistic

Analytify helps you see how many users are active on your website. Thereby helping you understand the optimal traffic of the website in 1 day, creating a premise to build KPIs for your Digital Marketing campaign.

Statistics of users like countries, and devices

Analytify also points out where have most users accessing to your website including channels such as social media, google search, advertising, and other platforms.

 In addition, it also has statistical capacity. What are the language and operating systems that the user’s device is using to access your website? Thereby, it creates a premise for you to optimize the website in accordance with the above criteria.

Specifying user behavior on the website

Not only shows you the source of accessing users, but it also provides with real behavior of users on the website through metrics. The Plugin shows you an average time of a visit, the most visited page on the website, the bounce rate page, and many other indicators that you would like to learn more specifically.

Traffic demographic analysis

Analytify can analyze metrics by gender, location, and interest … This is collected by Google through user cookies or by Google server locating and tracking

Analytify review wordpress google analytics plugin

 Analytify review

For me, I see Analytify is more convenient and helps me to save time in marketing management.

Instead of viewing with a new tab, now I can track statistics directly whenever I open a WordPress dashboard to control my site.

Secondly, Analytify is funnier to use. By the way, they show the dashboard, I feel Analytify is easier to read the performance. Now you can see serious analytics without boredom.

Thirdly, I see Analytify offers a very reasonable price for each product it provides:

Analytify Pro – $39

WooCommerce Addon – $49

EDD Addon – $39

Campaigns Addon – $19

Email Notifications Addon – $29

Want to save more? Let’s use the Analytify coupons below this post to save more.

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