To help you to drive safely, Fensens backup camera is a smart device that every driver should equip along the roads. Let’s have a look at Hotreview4u Fensens backup camera review and see if it’s worth buying this camera.

Feature and advantages of Fensens backup camera

  • The device uses 100% wireless technology. The camera can connect directly to a phone for remote image access, or to an in-vehicle dashcam system to transmit data directly to the drivers.
  • With HD 1080p Backup Camera V2, the device will provide real images and a live stream video to your phone. Therefore, you can directly observe the movement through the display screen.
  • Fensens wireless backup camera that never runs out of battery. No need to charge after your first because Fensens Backup Camera has a solar-powered design.
  • Anti-theft security screws
  • It is equipped with a QuickLaunch button technology to launch hands-free.
  • Expanded battery capacity (rechargeable)
  • Fast and easy setup, less than 5 minutes.

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Fensens provides full guidance on how to use and set up this backup camera. Don’t worry because it is small and simple to use and install.

The device costs $149 only, if you want to buy at a cheaper price, let’s use Fensens coupon codes below to save.

$35 off

Smart 100% Wireless Parking Sensors

It’s a license plate-based smart wireless parking sensor on your smartphone that you have along with a backup camera.

Advantages of Parking Sensors

  • Easy-to-use App on your smartphone.
  • The app instantly provides convenient audio, visual, and vibration alerts when objects are detected in front or behind your vehicle.
  • Weatherproof for long-term use and fully wireless for fast setup. A standard AA battery lasts 5 months (Do not recharge).
  • Anti-theft features keep your computer secure and allow you to monitor it if someone steals it.
  • It supports both Android (5.0 with 4.4 software+) and iOS (4s + iOS7.1+) on smartphones
  • The kit includes one smart license plate frame.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee as well as lifetime customer service assistance to make sure your satisfaction.


Fensens Wireless Parking Sensors review


The backup camera is to observe the movement of traffic in the rear of the vehicle. In addition, this device when combined with sensors in the car to support reverse and forward operations when parking, as well as providing a safe margin when the car stops.

That’s why Hotreview4u highly recommends upgrading your car with Fensens.

Lastly, along with our Fensens backup camera review, there are coupon codes to help you get better savings at Fensens online store. Enjoy it

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